Who we are

Fitbase is a community of people who care about well-being. We always question ourselves, why can’t there be a healthy world? By tracking what you eat, how much you exercise and rest, Fitbase helps you to be a better you. It also supports and motivates to collaborate with your friends or even challenge them for goals. It is the first thing that you will need for your well-being.

Our Mission

Our mission at Fitbase.com is to empower everyone in the world to be healthy. We wish to achieve our mission by enabling everyone to track and monitor their food and exercise data, learn healthy ways to live and take corrective actions to ensure their well-being.

How it will work?

Fitbase makes the concept of wellness simple. By tracking your calories, water and sleep, you can achieve the best of you. It helps to schedule workouts, set up reminders, share calendars with friends, create groups and challenges such that, you keep going to achieve your goals. Fitbase helps you sync data from devices or you can even enter manually, based on your convenience.

Do you wish to get in touch with us? Please write to us: info@fitbase.com

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