10 Roadblocks You Should Overcome for Healthy Weight Loss

10 Roadblocks You Should Overcome for Healthy Weight Loss

Planning a healthy life is as difficult as maintaining it for longer duration.

In today’s busy schedules, inability to find time for exercise is aggravating fitness concerns among many.

As a result, utilization of existing timelines to plan workouts has become a serious challenge. Given this challenge, some fail to set proper fitness goals and just manage with the possible ways within the available timeframe.

Remember! Any process without proper planning only leads to failure and knowing pitfalls clears the path to success!

Here is one such case on ‘weight loss exercises’, where we bring to you a list of roadblocks that renowned dieticians warn against in the weight loss process.

1) No New Eating Habits

No New Eating Habits

Dieticians recommend not to develop the habit of consuming new foods that are unusual to you. Focus on what you can have rather what you can’t. Make sure the intake is of some nutritious value.

2) Maintain Balance

Maintain Balance

Are your favorite foods part of the exclusion list in your weight loss process? Don’t do that! That’s a wrong approach, say researchers. This is the most common issue we observe in many planning to lose weight. Dieticians note that leaving favorite foods forcibly leads to problems in the long run. They recommend taking whatever you are fond of, but in a balanced and healthy way. The ‘All or nothing attitude’ doesn’t work here!

3) Have a Realistic Plan!

Realistic Plan

Ensure your weight loss goals are realistic and achievable. No hurry! Go a step-wise manner with a planned approach and achievable challenges. Start small, regularize habits and then proceed to the next level after mastering the initial steps.

4) Beware of Deficiencies

Beware of Deficiencies

The new habits part of your weight loss process should not cause you nutrient deficiencies and unbalanced diet or make you bored of it after some time. Make sure to go for a diet process that also works for you in the long run.

5) Cautious with Liquid Diet

Cautious with Liquid Diet

This is exactly what we see today among many, especially among those with busy lifestyles. It has become a fashion to take liquids such as juices and smoothies, as a replacement to regular meals. One has to understand the fact that these liquids often miss out essential nutrients, fiber and protein, which are key to growth. Besides, addition of sweeteners or too much fruit adds to calorie concerns. All this can put you at the risk of energy loss and general weakness in the long-run!

6) Less Calorie Consumption

Less Calorie Consumption

Keeping track of calorie count is one most trending fitness practice. In an effort to maintain a healthy diet, many engage in checking calorie count every now and then, and plan their diet accordingly. This is a wrong approach, say researchers. Their answer is eat more as depriving the body of calorie intake causes nutrition deficiency. Instead, you can count on nutrient intake to stay healthier!

7) Ignoring Fats

Ignoring Fats

Going fat-free is the most common solution we hear among many in today’s busy lifestyles, for a healthy life. Dieticians say that’s not correct! Consuming low-fat or fat-free is not good for health, considering fat’s significance in giving satiety to the body. People get on to refined carbohydrates as a replacement to fatty foods, which is much more dangerous to overall health and body weight, say researchers. So, don’t worry about having food with healthy fat such as nuts, seeds, soy, fish, among others.

8) Missing out Fruits, Veggies To Overcome Sugar

Fruits, Veggies To Overcome Sugar

In a mission to avoid sugar intake, people do ignore vegetables and fruits with high sugar content. But they miss out the fact that they also contain good amount of fiber, which is important for the body. In fact, fiber content brings down the effect of blood sugars. According to them, such fruits and vegetables are far better than the highly-processed drinks and snacks.

9) Less Water Consumption

Less Calorie Consumption

Staying hydrated addresses lot of issues like headache, stress and more. Drinking enough quantity of water keeps you stress-free and maintains active body functioning all through the day. Drink more water and keep up your metabolism rate!

10) Go The Natural Way

Go Natural Way

Achieving faster results often drives us to take up instant measures. Same has been the case with losing weight. In the name of losing weight, people do engage in taking pills, which is not a right approach for weight management. May be trendy diets and workouts give you short-term results. But long-term weight management definitely needs a rethinking on food intake and the best ways to fuel it.

So, now it’s all in your hands on how you plan your weight management strategy.

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