10 Simple Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution!

10 Simple Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution!

The year 2020 is almost over now, and we all are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2021 with excitement and hope. Though we have special and unique plans for this New Year’s Eve, there is still a tradition to decide on a few ‘New Year 2021 Resolutions‘.

Out of all the different resolutions that people make every year, ‘weight loss’ is the most common one!

According to a survey, 48% of people made ‘weight loss’ as their New Year’s resolution in 2019, 54% wanted to eat healthier, and 59% to exercise more.

And it is quite apparent that a lot of people resolute in losing weight in 2021.

Even before we bid adieu to 2020 and welcome 2021, we are set to indulge in a festive five-week span between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve filled with lots of irresistible food.

Festive Season

Inevitable overindulgence in long series of lunches, dinners, parties, and drinks that starts from the fourth week in November to the first day of the New Year could be a major blow to your weight loss resolution for 2021.

In fact, according to a survey, the average American gains around 1 – 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year.

Fret not! Follow the small and manageable tips below to feel slimmer, rev your metabolism, tackle the festive season mindfully, and step into the New Year feeling good about your weight loss goals. And while you’re at it, be sure to try out these 8 Top Kitchen Hacks for ‘Weight Loss.

10 Tips to Enjoy Festive Season without Derailing Weight-Loss Resolution

10 Tips to Enjoy Festive Season without Derailing Weight-Loss Resolution

1) Add Dumbbells to Your Black Friday Shopping List

Ensure to buy a pair of dumbbells when you go for a shopping spree during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Daily involve in dumbbell exercises to challenge every major muscle group in your body. The more muscles you can focus on, the faster you’ll burn the extra calories you gobble up during the month-long festive season.

2) Start Stepping

During the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, you will be involved in a whirl of activities, parties, and obligations. You may lack time to work out and recover from overindulgence. So, instead of waiting for the perfect time to hit the gym, sneak in steps as you involve in various festival activities.

Try Fitbase App to track your steps and ensure to hit at least 10,000 steps a day. This helps you stay on your fitness goals even if you miss some workout sessions during the busy festive season.

3) Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea every day promotes weight loss. It contains catechins, an antioxidant that triggers fat release from fat cells and boosts the liver’s capacity to burn the fat. In a recent study, participants who daily drank 4 to 5 cups of green tea before a 25-minute workout lost two pounds of more weight than the non-tea-drinking participants.

4) Prefer Protein and Fiber

Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is very important, so you don’t end up overeating. This is especially important during the festive season. To keep hunger at bay, consume a combination of fiber and protein along with your regular meals.

5) Start the Day with Workout

The best strategy for not feeling demotivated after you end up overeating on thanksgiving or Christmas eve is to workout soon after waking up. Do some treadmill sprints, squats, push-ups, and planks, among others, on an empty stomach to burn fat. As you will be in a calorie and glycogen deficit, your body will convert fat into energy.

6) Stop Eating Late At Night

It is normal to snack and graze after eating dinner. But if you are trying to shed some fat, the calories you consume from snacks after dinner could easily nullify a day’s effort of healthy, well-balanced meals. Set a cutoff time as a cue to stop eating.

7) Get Intense

Exercising regularly is the best way to reduce your waistline, increase metabolism, and improve cholesterol profile, especially during festival season. For easy weight loss tips, check out these six exercises for effective weight loss. As you get better, slowly increase the amount of time and intensity of each exercise.

8) De-bloat with Fruit Salads

Heavy meals and overdrinking during the festive December could cause water retention and constipation. Including bloat-fighting fruit salad in your diet can ease your discomfort and help you get rid of a festive bulge. Kiwi, honeydew melon, apple, banana, and papaya are some of the fruits that help prevent constipation and water retention.

9) Take a Good Nap

Sleep for at least 7 hours every night. Sleep deprivation depletes your energy levels and causes hormonal imbalance, provoking you to eat more. Over time, this can lead to significant weight gain, especially during 4,500-calorie holiday meals. According to a recent study, losing 30 minutes of sleep can increase the risk of obesity by 17%.

10) Stay Hydrated

Drinking water during/after workouts is essential to stay hydrated. But we should not overlook the significance of sipping water throughout the day. We can often misinterpret thirst as hunger, so regular water consumption can prevent excess calorie intake. Moreover, water can help prevent water retention and belly bloat caused during holiday meals.

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In Conclusion
New Year’s weight loss resolution can help you achieve overall wellness, but it takes work and commitment. Making the resolution is the first and easy step. The next steps are challenging as it takes planning and commitment.

It is so easy to go off the track, and we may end up thinking it is too difficult to get back on track. Try Fitbase App to track your daily progress, set fitness goals, measure your sleep patterns, check calories consumed, and schedule workout sessions.

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