12 Smart Fitness Gadgets to Accelerate Your Journey to Fitness!

12 Smart Fitness Gadgets to Accelerate Your Journey to Fitness!

In the run for fitness, many of us are relying on technology to achieve our goals and stay in sync with fitness standards followed by most of the people we know.

This reliance involve usage of fitness apps and fitness gadgets, which can be integrated to show us what fitness progress we’ve made over a period of time. Some gadgets have been made with the capabilities to meet our precise fitness needs and monitor areas that was not possible a few years ago.

Let’s take a look at some of the currently trending smart gadgets and wearable devices:

1) Hapifork

Hapifork as the name suggests, is a fork to look at but is actually a  cool gadget that monitors and tracks your food-eating habits. It comes with indicator lights and generator vibrations that alert its user when they are eating too fast. Hapifork does more!

It notifies users on how long it took to eat a meal, the number of fork servings per minute and the intervals between them. It helps improve your eating behavior with related apps that help you track progress over time.

2) Sportiiiis

Cycling is one of the most healthiest exercises to achieve fitness. However, it is equally difficult to track and monitor fitness progress you made from cycling. Sportiiis, one of the latest innovations in fitness gadget industry helps you track cadence, heart rate, power and speed with a simple LED Head-Up display to indicate heart rate.

Users just have to wear it over their sunglasses and receive voice alerts to increase, decrease or maintain pace while riding.

3) Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria is the modern-day weighing scale which shows users more than just weight. It also tracks body fat percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI) for 8 users. It then transfers this data to a computer through wireless technology for progress analysis. 

The data from Aria can be synced with various apps. It syncs with your smartphone to inform you when you have achieve a fitness goal. Users also earn achievement badges once they reach a milestone that they can share with their friends.

4) Finis Neptune

What better motivation for exercise than some peppy music. This fitness gadget takes its inspiration from this popular fitness accompaniment. Most persons were limited with using music only while running, jogging, cycling and workout among others, but only until Finis Neptune came along.

This one-of-a-kind innovation enables users to have music access even while swimming. It can be fitted into swimmers eye gear (goggles). The device works uses bone conduction audio to send music to the user’s ears, eliminating the need for earbuds.

The device increases volume and clarity when a user is under water. It comes with built-in 4GB storage space, an 8-hour long rechargeable battery and an OLED screen with music controls.

5) Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

Amiigo comes as a 2-in-1 fitness bracelet that can be worn on your hand and the other on your leg. It captures upper and lower body workouts and has the ability to track specific workouts.

It is smart enough to differentiate movements such as cycling, hiking, playing basketball, football, golf and water sports. It works with weights and cardio equipment. It is a Bluetooth device.

6) Fitbit

Fitbit, one of the leading fitness gadgets can be synced to various fitness apps. It’s functions involve calculating distance covered by walking, calories burned, floors climbed and sleep quality.

7) Adidas miCoach Speed Cell

The little band fits comfortably onto a pair of Adidas trainers/shoes and records acceleration, distance travelled, pace and running speed. The device stores up to 8 hours of data and transfers the information to a computer for easy progress.

8) iFit Sleep HR Sleep Tracker

The iFit Sleep HR Sleep Tracker stands out from competition because it does not require users to wear it while sleeping. The device comes as a small disc that slides under a mattress to track sleep quality.

It pairs well with smartphones and records information such as your REM, the number of times you woke up in the middle of the might and how restful you have been. It performs these functions by tracking heart and respiratory rate.

9) Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

How about your bottle reminding you to drink water? Well that’s what the Ozmo Active Smart Bottle does. It reminds the user to drink water by means of vibration. And interestingly it also keeps a track of how much water you consumed throughout the day.

The 16-ounce bottle comes with a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity and easily syncs with your smartphone.

10) Skulpt Performance Training System

The Skulpt scanner gives users an understanding of their body composition. It also measures the amount of muscle quality that an individual needs to build.

The device records fat levels in 24 different body areas and provides an assessment of which areas need toning and shaping. It goes a step ahead by giving suggestions on how users can achieve best results.

11) Misfit

Misifit range of gadgets is the ideal daily-wear gadget for fitness enthusiasts. It comes with a set of alluring features including tracking activities even such as cycling and yoga, a music player with inbuilt storage, monitoring sleep and sleep quality and heart tracking.

A range of regular functions include tracking calories, steps and distance covered during walking and running. Misfit products unlike a few fitness gadgets don’t need charging and are water resistant up to 50m.

12) Withings Gadgets

Withings gadgets sync technology with health to assist us in fulfilling our fitness goals through monitoring heart health, body weight, sleep quality, blood pressure and tracking activities such as swimming and running among others.

Which one of these smart fitness gadgets do you have? Why not pair them with a smart fitness tracking app for best fitness results!

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