7 Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

7 Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

Coronavirus and other health concerns have clouded the prospects of working out at gyms. Additionally, there is always the lag to move oneself to the gym. These impediments bog down your fitness goals and invite future problems that impact your overall health.


Furthermore, with the pandemic only mutating further, it is certain that most of us would not dare to work out in the gym anytime soon.

So, in this blog, we shall look at fitness regimens that you can perform at home.


1) Lunges

Lunges are extremely useful to tone the lower portion of the body. It helps one put on lean muscle mass and trims the body fat. These lunges boost your resting metabolism, making you burn more energy and excess weight. 


To do this routine right, you have to exert yourself by placing your right leg in front of you, and your left leg should be propped on its toes. Then bend those knees and lunge! However, you ought to stop when your right thigh is parallel to the floor. After lunging, return the right foot to normalcy and then repeat the routine with the left leg.

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2) Chair Squat

Chair Squat

Squats bolster your legs and body core. The strengthening of the lower part of the body betters agility and overall daily movements. Judging by the name, one needs a chair to start with and engage in squats.

Stand in front of the chair with your back pointed towards it. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and the toes should be slightly pointed out. With the legs stationary, lower your torso by hinging on the hips and go down until your posterior touches the chair. It is essential to do it by extending the arms in front of you. Then, you have to revert to the original position by pushing your torso through the heels. 

3) Side-Lying Hip Abduction

Side-Lying Hip Abduction 

The best thing about this routine is that you can lie on the floor while doing this. That’s the easiest part, and people who sit down for long durations should consider doing this regimen. In addition, this workout enhances the hip muscles and tones them appropriately.


One has to lie on the left side of the body, and the right leg should be aligned perfectly over the left leg. The right leg should be raised while maintaining the lying position, and one must make sure that the hips don’t rise while lifting it. Bring the leg down again and repeat the cycle as per your comfort level. Turn on the other side once the lifts are complete and repeat the routine.

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4) Knee Pushups
Knee Pushups

Knee pushups are relatively easy to do, and it helps you build strength and stamina. Your breathing will also improve substantially. One can do this by getting on their knees and staying straight. Then bend your elbows and careen your torso towards the ground slowly.

You must use your elbows to support yourself when you lower the upper body. Keep the elbows at the 45-degree angle and revert to the starting position. Repeat the same thing repeatedly with a better tempo after getting a grip on the regimen.

5) Side Planks
Side Planks

This regimen, which improves the core foundation, involves one lying on the left side of the body and placing their right leg over the other one. Once the body weight is properly distributed, you have to lift the body by positioning the weight on the elbow, which should be placed under the shoulder.


You should concentrate your energy on your core and stiffen your spine. Next, lift your hips and then the knees. Make it a straight line and then return to the initial position. Repeat this in three sets with 10 to 15 plank pushups per one set. Once completing the sets, change sides.

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6) Planks

Planks allow you to tone your abdominal muscles and the entire body in general. The routine doesn’t make you strain the back, and due to this reason, it has the edge over situps and crunches. You should assume the pushup position and concentrate your weight on your hands while placing your toes on the ground. Your back should be straight, and you should fixate your gaze on your hands.


Breath in and out in a well-paced manner, maintain tension in your body while lowering yourself and raising the body. This way, your shoulders, triceps, quads are called into action. You can repeat this in sets of three and with a plank of 30 seconds duration.


7) Burpees

Best for the last? Not always as burpees are generally not favored as it is pretty strenuous. However, it is very productive when it comes to fitness. It improves your cardiovascular health and helps you put on more strength.


You should stand upright and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. You should then place your arms by your side and maintain this position. Then extend your hands in front of you and squat. Place your legs in the pushup position once your hands are on the ground.


Then do a pushup and then jump back in a manner that brings your feet close to your hands. Jump into the air and bring your arms above your head from this position. The steps are squat, pushup, jump. This is a deadly combo as it wicks away fat and tones your physique.

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