7 Holiday Eating Tips: How to Keep in Shape During the Festive

7 Holiday Eating Tips: How to Keep in Shape During the Festive

We’re just around the corner for the holiday season and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

Some of us are still looking at travel guides for holiday destinations, some are wondering if they saved enough to buy the winter gear and some others are wondering whether they will remain in shape post the holiday season.

Well, for those of you who have that question, we got some tips to offer.

Seven Holiday Eating Tips

1) Hydrate

This festive don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated, especially before you head for a scrumptious dinner. It doesn’t have to strictly be water; you can alternate between a warm cup of herbal tea and a decoction. And if you have poor memory and can’t remember the amount of water you consumed through the day, use a fitness tracking app that tracks water consumption for you.

The water you consume should be equal to two glasses before a meal.

2) Move

While the festive season is all about relaxation, food and being careless with the calories, it is very important to get yourself moving. Invited to a Halloween party? Why not go around the party and engage in conversation with friends and acquaintances.

Sitting in a corner and eating high-calorie food will only delay meeting your fitness goals . Instead, a walk around the hall will give keep digestion active and will keep you feeling sluggish or uneasy over the night.

3) Eat.. But Right!

The holiday season is the perfect time to treat yourself to all the traditional family food. Grandma cakes, great grandma’s stuffed turkey recipe and mom’s pie. But it is not a good idea to have large portions of all of this in a chain of servings.

Maybe, you can have one small turkey portion followed by a section of a pie to satiate all the cravings and remain committed to your fitness goal.

The idea is to eat what you like but in limited portions.

4) Avoid ‘All-or-Nothing’

If you didn’t get a chance to fulfill your routine because your house is packed with relatives, you don’t forego the routine altogether. Instead, perform some exercise while you sit, where you are.

As an incentive, you can get your cousins to work out too. You can all workout together to help you meet your goal of losing some kilos.

5) Sleep

Sleep is as important as making time for your workout in the day. If you fail to get a good rest at the end of the day, you will find it difficult to perform exercises in the morning.

Lack of sleep will deprive you of the stamina you need to exercise the next day. And keep workouts for the morning because the remainder of the day is booked for fun and recreation.

6) Time and Planning

Nothing like setting aside a part of your day for exercise. If you know what the days ahead look like, then you need to plan how and when you should do your exercises despite the hustle and bustle of a holiday.

Write a weekly schedule and plan a good workout in the morning or break your routine into smaller high-intensity exercises throughout the day, until evening.

You can set aside 15 minutes twice a day for high-intensity exercises.

7) Maintain Control

The word over here is ‘control’. You need to keep a watch on how much you eat and how much exercise you do.

There’s no better occasion than the holiday to eat away and to lose track of your fitness goals, but it’s ok to forget a day or two. Don’t let this negligence last throughout the holiday season.

Now that you have got the much-needed motivation and guidance to go about holiday eating, it’s time to put it into practice. For added motivation, download the Fitbase fitness tracker!

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