7 Mind-Training Tips for Long-Distance Running

7 Mind-Training Tips for Long-Distance Running

Attempting a long-distance run? Then this blog post is for you. A long-distance run can sound tiresome only when talked about, leave alone the physical strain. And even if your body permits you, your mind gives up much before you have even started your race.

So here a few mental tips to stay motivated throughout your long mile.

1) Talk Motivation

Talk Motivation

Mostly, you are running or training alone and there is no way that someone can motivate you or pep talk through the long-distance run. So it’s just you, your determination and strength. Fill the long miles with positive and encouraging dialogue.

You can start by telling yourself, this is mentally tiring to overcome but physically you are stronger for this. Give yourself small perks by marking a spot along the run and telling yourself that you’ll drink some water at that spot. If it seems like the run is going to be never ending, tell yourself how accomplished you will feel once the run is over.

2) Make it Sizeable

Make it Sizeable

Doing 20 tasks in five hours may seem unsurmountable but breaking it down to four tasks per hour will seem more likely. This is a trick of the mind. And the above scenario applies to running as well.

If you plan to run 25 miles, then think of it as running 5 miles an hour and at the beginning of a new lap, think of it as a fresh start.

3) It’s Not a Cakewalk

It’s Not a Cakewalk

Long-distance running is not everyone’s task, only a few can dare this routine. So if you are one of them, then tell yourself that there’s something worthwhile about you and when you finish the race, it will be all the more rewarding.

4) Find a Catch Phrase

Find a Catch Phrase

Yes, you can pep-talk yourself, but holding on to one belief will also be mighty helpful in the long run. You can choose short phrases like ‘You can do this’, ‘You were made to do this’, ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. Repeating this throughout the race will keep you put on your course until the finish line.

5) Create a Scenario

Create a Scenario

You’re half-way though the race and think that this is impossible to finish. That’s exactly when you should use your imagination. Imagine yourself touching the finishing line, sink into the feelling of accomplishment. You can also try imagining your favorite runner completing their long race and relishing their victory or simple imagine yourself in their place while they run effortlessly.

6) Count While You Run

Count While You Run

Counting is a very motivating thing to do whether you’re drifting to sleep or simply running a race. In case of a race, identify an article or clothing worn/owned by a person. Then use this during your run to see how many similar items you find. This factor keeps you eager to complete your race just to see the similar thing again and again.

7) What Next?

What Next?

Assign yourself a task to do after the race, it can be cooking a dish or window shopping at the new mall in the city or meeting your special someone. This will compel you to complete the race so that you will be able to do any of these tasks on the other side of the race.

Feeling motivated? Now hit the road!

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