7 Ways to Fulfill Your Walking Routine Even in the Work Week

7 Ways to Fulfill Your Walking Routine Even in the Work Week

Wondering how you can invest in walking for health when you are at work? Well, it’s simple!

Here are some fun ways you can create a walking routine for yourself in the comfort of your work zone:

1) Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs

One of the most simplest and easily adaptable fitness practices that won’t force you to go out of your way is a taking a flight of stairs. Simply taking a walk up and down while getting to your office space or getting yourself lunch will compensate for a missed morning walk. That way you’ll be able to relieve some stress, maintain mental health and keep a track of your step count too.

2) Don’t Get a Water Bottle

Dont Get Water Bottle

Sounds strange isn’t it? We all know how important water is for our health and well-being. What we suggest is, instead of a bottle, keep a cup at your desk. What this does is, it compels you to go take a walk to get yourself some water more often. The more frequently you get up to fill water, the more steps you add to your ‘step count kitty’.

3) Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk

Texting, chatting and email have made it all so easy to communicate. So why take the trouble to get up from your desk to share an idea? Sounds comfortable but it’s really not adding anything to your fitness goals.

Every time you are inclined to type out your idea or query, recline back on your seat and walk to your colleague’s desk, instead. Talk about the query or idea while you stand at their desk. That way, you’ll also have more clarity of thought and will be able to easily explain yourself.

4) Don’t Take the Shortcut

Dont Take Shortcut

What joy would we get, if we achieved everything in life the easy way? Similarly, how will you achieve your fitness goals, if choose to take shortcuts to your destination? When it’s about getting yourself a walk, don’t just take the quickest way possible to get to the other end of the floor. Consciously, take the longer route as this will help you take more steps.

Another practice you can try is, parking your car at the end of the parking lot. By doing this, you’ll have to take a longer walk, which will greatly add to your walking plan.

5) Do More than Just Eat During Lunch

Eat During Lunch

You’ve been waiting all morning for the lunch break to arrive! Yes, guilty or not but we all look forward to the lunch break not just to get some nutrition in but also take some of the work burden off our minds.

If that’s the case, then why not destress with a good workout? If you’re office understands the importance of fitness and has a gym, try exercising at a treadmill for 15-20 minutes. Not possible? Here’s an even simpler task, simply get outside the office building and take a walk around the space. You will also get to soak in some Vitamin D.

6) Take the Office Meeting Outside

Office Meeting Outside

While all meetings can’t be done out of the board room, you definitely can take some quick catch-ups and scrums outside the office. Walking while you to talk to your colleagues and your boss will help you get your thought across better. More ideas and better work practices will crop up. Let nature inspire more productivity!

7) Borrow Some Time for A Walk

Time for Walk

Planning to schedule a meeting, say 5:30 PM maybe? Schedule it at 5:25 PM instead. What this does is, it buys you time to add some walking steps to your routine. Make sure you get 500 steps before you walk up to the board room. This gives your stiffened muscles some exercise before you sit again for long hours.

Walking can really have some wonderful effects on your life. To name a few benefits, walking helps with:

  • Promoting Blood Circulation
  • Reducing Obesity
  • Eliminating Depression
  • Improving Digestion and much more..

Make sure to have a step count tracker always available. You’ll have the extra motivation to take that long walk!

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