8 Top Kitchen Hacks for ‘Weight Loss’

8 Top Kitchen Hacks for ‘Weight Loss’

‘Weight Loss’ has become the prime concern of the millennial population.

The health hazards associated with obesity and weight gain have created serious concerns among people and instigated them to lay high emphasis on weight loss.

Food intake and nutrition play a vital role in weight loss.

Figuring out what to eat and how much of it is the first and prominent step for your weight loss success. And, next comes minimizing temptation, sticking to the plan and staying motivated.

Moreover, it’s imperative to invest in right tools and implement subtle organizational hacks to meet the weight loss goal.

At this very juncture, we bring you some ‘kitchen hacks’ that help you in weight loss journey.

8 Top Kitchen Hacks to Shed Pounds

Kitchen Hacks to Shed Pounds

1) Set Health Foods at Eye Level

Usually, eye-level pantry shelves are stocked with chips, cookies and other processed packed foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar and calories, and low in fibre and protein.

As we often choose what we see first, we are more likely to place the unhealthy snacks on the most easily accessible shelves.

Try to move the unhealthy foods to the highest and lowest shelves which are hard to access. And, place the healthy food products like nuts, dry fruits and whole-grain foods on the front and centre shelves.

2) Organize Your Fridge

The produce bins that contain fruits and vegetables are usually at the bottom of the fridge and out of your sight.

“There’s no rule mandating that you use those out-of-the-way drawers for produce; they can actually be used to store meat, cheese or meal prep leftovers,” says Jessi Holden, RD.

So, prefer placing fruits and vegetables in transparent containers on top and middle shelves that are at eye level.

As a result, you will be more likely to prefer healthy fruits and vegetables for snacks or meals.

3) Arrange Your Counters

Usually, people place frequently accessed foods including chips, home-made snacks, cereals and biscuits on their kitchen counters.

This may increase your food cravings and, in turn, increases your body mass.

In order to develop good eating habits, place healthy foods including fruits and nuts preferably on the kitchen counter and store the highly processed foods in the cabinets.

4) Prefer Smaller Dinnerware

Studies found that smaller utensils like teaspoons and forks may decrease your food intake. People who prefer teaspoons over larger spoons consumed 8% less food.

So, prefer smaller spoons and forks while you eat to help you consume fewer calories.

Similarly, smaller plates help lower the food you consume and reduce the risk of weight gain and obesity.

5) Use Oil Mister

Instead of plopping oil straight from the bottle into the cooking pan, use an oil mister for frying veggies and cooking meat. This tip is especially effective when you are trying to decrease fat consumption.

With oil mister, you can save tons of calories, use your favourite oil and add flavours to your food.

6) Limit Snack Options

It is obvious that the more types of snacks you have at your disposal in your kitchen, the more we crave to eat.

Prefer to keep only one type of processed snack food at a time in your kitchen. So, you are more likely to avoid binge eating.

7) Set Reminders

Place sticky notes around your kitchen to remind yourself the healthy eating guidelines, weight loss goals and hydration habits, among others. A small sticky note on your fridge may help you take a minute to stop and think about your food intake.

8) Have Good Collection of Spices

Having good collection of spices at your disposal is a great way to alleviate your boredom from regular wholesome meals. Having different spices and herbs will help change the flavour of your food without adding calories.

In Conclusion In line with optimizing your cooking space, you must regularly track your progress, monitor calorie intake and check fat burn, among others.

These things can be a herculean task while you are indulged in a busy lifestyle.

Don’t worry! Let the ‘Fitness Tracking Application’ take care of the tedious task. 

Stay Focused, Stay Fit!

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