9 Negative Effects of Restricting Calorie Intake

9 Negative Effects of Restricting Calorie Intake

Weight loss is vital to a healthy lifestyle. But how you achieve that really matters a lot!

There is a misconception among many that ‘under fueling’ can be a means to weight loss. But in doing so, they ignore the fact that nutrition and basic health needs are often compromised.

This aspect needs utmost emphasis in your mission to achieving weight loss!

While this is key for every individual, set of individuals like athletes need to have this on top of their priorities for a long-lasting athletic performance.

This process of weight loss begins with controlling calorie intake and often goes too far as individual starts realizing the signs of weight loss and its benefits.

From the level of healthier diet control, the process furthers to the level of acute food restriction and untimely consuming habits.

Little-eating habit might give you weight loss for a period, but the harsh truth is that it deenergizes your internal system in the long-run.

If that is the case with you, then stop for a while and think of some important aspects!

9 Negative Effects That Calorie Intake Restriction Can Cause to Your Health:

1) Nutrition Deficiency: Underfueling body in the process of weight loss can often hit your nutrition count. As you restrict calories, vital nutrients begin to lose their scope, resulting in deficiency-related health complexions.

Nutrition Deficiency

2) Bone-related Issues: Bone-related issue is one form of nutrition deficiency. Lack of sufficient calcium intake squeezes your body of existing calcium in your bones. This on a continuous basis automatically weakens bones resulting in loss of bone density and strength, making you more vulnerable to common bone-related injuries (most common among athletes).

Bone related Issues

3) Weak Recovery: Body should ideally be able to bounce back after a session for a rigorous training, especially for athletes. This requires a lot of energy lost in excess oxygen consumption after exercise, to strengthen muscle tissues and bring body back to normal state. Underfueling body deprives you of regaining such energy needed to repair tissues and restore strength.

Weak Recovery

4) Hormonal Imbalance: Lack of adequate carbohydrates for a longer period often puts individuals at the risk of irreversible hormonal issues, especially for females. This can lead to various additional effects such as weakened bone strength, regular mood swings, improper sleep, irregular menstrual cycles and vulnerability to injuries.

Hormonal Imbalance

5) Cardiac Issues: Individuals, especially athletes, consuming food less than what the body needs are more prone to a sudden cardiac arrest. In this case, the body lowers heart rate and stroke volume in order to limit the energy utilization.

Cardiac Issues

6) Respiration Issues: Antioxidants, vitamin C, copper and carbohydrates are important for immune power. While athletes are basically prone to upper respiratory issues because of rigorous training sessions, lack of proper intake complicates their respiratory concerns.

Respiration Issues

7) Fatigue: Energy consumption is key to fighting fatigue and related problems. Weight loss apart, weight loss strategy driven by less food intake gives rise to fatigue, disturbing your sleep habits and minimizing your ability to spend energy. Energy utilization is as important as consumption for a healthy life.


8) Suspended Weight Loss: Suspended weight loss is one most common issue that individuals face as a result of their ‘little eating’ habits to lose weight. This is more common in athletes, who notice after a point that they aren’t losing their additional weight anymore even after less-eating habits. This is because body conserves enough fuel to meet the basic body demands. At this juncture, few athletes begin feeding their body to revive their weight loss mechanism.

Suspended Weight Loss

9) Loss of Efficiency: By depriving the body of adequate energy through proper diet, you are limiting the muscle mass thus weakening your body strength to perform tasks at your usual rate.

Loss of Efficiency

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