A Runner’s Guide to Hot Weather Running: Tips and Tricks

A Runner’s Guide to Hot Weather Running: Tips and Tricks

Fitness taking a hit during hot weather? Running doesn’t seem like a good option when the sun is at its peak and the temperatures are not very favorable. Peak summer can keep even the ardent runner indoors.

However, fitness trainers provide a solution to keep the running routine intact even when the temperature is soaring high.

Let’s take a look at some tips for hot weather running:

1) Look for the Comfort Zone


When the temperature hits a high, most runners are going to feel uncomfortable and unfit to run. However, trainers suggest that every runner needs to identify their comfort zone, irrespective of whether they need to create a separate heat running routine. Also, trainers suggest that when the temperature is between 80-90℉, runners should keep everything handy to run in high temperatures.

Another important athletes need to consider is the dew point. The dew point dictates the humidity in the air. According to research, our sweat rate increases when humidity increases, this means that you will lose fluids and also lose sodium.

2) Drink Water Before Running


It is important to start you routine with a glass of water and this should be done while you are still at home. Hydrating yourself before your routine helps your body in regulating itself.

When you don’t drink water before running, your body has already began to lose its fluids. Therefore, it is important to keep hydrated throughout the day, especially before a run on a hot day.

3) Wear Climate and Run-Friendly Clothing


Running in hot weather calls for different clothing unlike our regular shorts and T-shirts. Most of us are also aware of the HeatGear T-shirt that is a preferred choice in summer. Here physical trainers suggest that runners should opt for light-colored clothing and materials that do not absorb sweat.

Athletes can pair this with a visor or lightweight cap that will keep sweat from dripping in their eyes and prevent sunlight from directly hitting them.

Running Tip: Wrap a scarf around your neck and fill its back with ice cubes. Refill it every now and then to stay cool throughout your run.

4) Set the Bar Low


The biggest disadvantage of running in peak hot weather is a decrease in pace. An athlete cannot expect to perform at the same level as in cold weather.

Physical trainers have observed that when you run in extreme heat, your performance tends to reduce by over 30 seconds per mile from the baseline. Even if a runner would run at normal pace, then it will be really hard to maintain as the body will take time to cope with the heat.

Trainers also suggest using perceived effort as a guide during hot weather running or setting time-specific goals.

Running Tip: Equip yourself to be more resilient during heat running by practicing hot yoga. This can increase both strength and flexibility. You can perform this routine two days before a long run to avoid dehydration and fatigue.

5) Watch out for Signs of Heart-Stroke


It is best to identify these symptoms early in the run. If you observe clammy skin, dizziness, excessive sweating and nausea, it is better for the individual to lower their pace and move to a cool or dry place and drink water. Also, individuals should identify signs such as cold but not sweating, complexion has turned red with a worn look, dry and chapped lips, lacking normal responding and slow pace.

Moreover, it is important to take a friend along in case there is an emergency situation. If an individual has reach the point of unconsciousness, they shouldn’t be given anything to drink and medical assistance should be called for.

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