Addressing the Challenges that COVID-19 Delta Variant poses for Fitness Trainers

Addressing the Challenges that COVID-19 Delta Variant poses for Fitness Trainers

The coronavirus contagion has curtailed many activities across the world. In the pursuit of staying safe, staying fit has become a herculean task. Although fitness trainers have begun training remotely, it is not the same as multiple mutations of the virus have arisen globally. The one which is causing fear among all of us is the Delta variant of the virus.

The emergence of this variant is souring the mood as uncertainty clouds the new variant. In the face of the new threat, fear-mongering has birthed various baseless myths hindering the fitness goals of many. In this blog post, let’s debunk the myths challenging fitness trainers from firing on all cylinders.

The Delta Variant Emergence

Delta Variant Emergence

In the spring of this year, India was crippled by rising COVID-19 infections, forcing most of the subcontinent to go into a lockdown. When the Indian healthcare systems coped with the burgeoning pressure during this period, a new coronavirus variant emerged. This variant, dubbed as delta, is far more virulent than the parent version of coronavirus. This delta variant is now global, and many countries are reporting delta variant infections.

Myth 1: Delta Variant is Far More Deadly Than the Actual COVID-19

Delta Variant COVID-19

Although the delta variant is spreading much more rapidly than coronavirus itself, it is false that the variant is much more dangerous than COVID-19. However, this is not to say that the delta variant is harmless. Both COVID-19 and delta are deadly, but there is no relative difference between the two in mortal danger.

Johns Hopkins surgeon Dr. Marty Makary hopped on to the TV and reiterated the same aspect. Deriding the rampant fear-mongering, Dr. Marty opined that the prescribed health protocols such as indoor masking were overkill. With the indoor masking touted to be an overkill and variant’s deadliness grossly exaggerated, one can burn their calories peacefully without worrying too much about the variant.

Myth 2: The Vaccinated are Immune to Delta

Vaccinated are Immune to Delta

The myth that fully vaccinated people are immune to delta variants is baseless. However, the fully vaccinated can mitigate the infection better than partially or never vaccinated people. The vaccinations ax the severe ramifications that the infection brings along. It is wise to be vaccinated fully, regardless of your fit or fat lifestyle.

The trainers should ensure only the fully vaccinated clients come to work out at the gyms. By allowing the fully vaccinated people alone, the potentiality of viral infection dips. Additionally, the clients can focus on their fitness goals better knowing that their biological system will handle it better even if they catch the delta variant.

Myth 3: Workout Weakens the Body’s Response to the Virus

Workout Weakens the Body’s Response to the Virus

Prevailing evidence displayed that people with obese lifestyles face a high risk from coronavirus infections. From weak immune responses to respiratory issues, obese people have displayed low signs of resistance to viral infection. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) opined that the severity of illness is higher in overweight people.

Although CDC’s report doesn’t necessarily imply working out boosts or weakens your immune system, having a healthy BMI and an active lifestyle will ax unwanted body mass. It is in your interest that you work out and stay fit. The trainers should monitor the BMI of their clients and ensure they are working out and burning their excessive weight.

As the scepter of coronavirus continues to challenge daily operations, fitness trainers need to ask themselves if they are capable enough to take the risk of reopening their gyms. Although the world is limping back to normalcy, the possibility of future infectious waves is always on the horizon.

Fitness Trainer

Delta variant and regular coronavirus are deadly enough to cause health complications. Additionally, housing panting clients in a closed working space is a dangerous gamble. It is wise to consider remote fitness training regimens as the virus hasn’t ebbed away from our lives yet.

Aimed at wicking away the remote training difficulties, Fitbase is an app specifically tailored for trainers. The smart app, which is user-friendly, will help clients get fitter, faster. By erasing geographical constraints, the trainers can expand their businesses by training their clients remotely.

With multiple options and customizations readily available, the trainers can train, track and transform their clients to the ideal body shapes they wish for. Download the Fitbase trainer app and stay seamlessly connected with your clients.

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