Fitness Routine Not Producing Results? Here’s Why!

Fitness Routine Not Producing Results? Here’s Why!

Exercises, workouts and diet plans can seem like a sure-shot solution to weight loss. But more and more research has proved that exercise can result in added weight within the first few days of a workout.

So have we been tricked into believing that exercise aids with weight loss? Not really!

However, some health habits and exercises that we practice on a day-to-day basis have proven to go against our health goals.

Here are a list of wrong weight-loss practices that lead to more weight-gain:

1) Eating Low-Calorie Food

Eating Low-Calorie Food

Losing weight with low calorie content can seem like a quick solution to weight-loss, but it cannot aid weight loss for a long time. Dietician with Dietetic Direction Chelsea Cross says that it is possible to lose a lot of weight with low-calorie food but it is hard to maintain this restriction for long.

“Any plan that restricts a large food group simply because it’s off limits or too high in calories … is not something that can be stuck to. You’ll eventually eat those forbidden foods and, because of the deprivation, will overeat them,” Cross explains.

Cross advices that fitness enthusiasts should focus on eating a balanced diet that includes all food groups rather than adopting lesser-calorie food. Besides, individuals should focus on changing their lifestyle, than just their diet

2) Not Enough Sleep

Not Enough Sleep

Research links obesity with less sleep hours. People with obesity were found to having sleep for less than six hours. If you find it hard to get enough sleep, then it will be hard for you to lose weight too.

“Insufficient sleep can disrupt hormonal levels that are responsible for feelings of hunger and fullness,” explains Natalie Dautovich, National Sleep Foundation Environmental Scholar.

Dautovich says, the more time you spend being awake, the more likely inclined you are to eat, especially high-calorie food when you are tired.

To maintain weight loss and achieve fitness goals, it is advisable to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. And for this, it’s essential that strictly follow consistent sleep-wake up times.

3) Avoiding Long-Term Workouts

Avoiding Long-Term Workouts

Most of the people who achieve positive results from their weight loss program, tend to slow down on their routine or take a break from those intense workout sessions. That’s where you make the mistake!

Also, some of us like to believe that remaining lax in the afternoon or throughout the remainder of the day, compensates for 30 minutes of our morning workout.

Research in the Journal of Applied Psychology says, a two-week break from exercise leads to a drastic decline in cardiovascular fitness and results in lean muscle mass.

It is also said that skipping your routine, makes it harder for you to get back into one again.

4) Performing the Same Routine

Performing the Same Routine

The saying is true that if you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. This is also true with maintaining fitness. Practicing strength training or hitting the treadmill may have gotten you to lose weight, but they will not add any more to your goals if you keep repeating the same.

Try alternating between strength training and cardio workouts or increase the number of steps in your walking routine to see noteworthy results from your fitness routines.

“When you follow a consistent exercise program, your body gets more efficient and you stop burning as many calories. You have to take the intensity up a notch if you want to maintain your weight loss,” says Anthony J Wall, a certified professional trainer.

Talking about fitness routines, here are some exercises to avoid if you are looking to lose weight.

  • Indoor cycling: Cycling can be ideal weight loss workout for most practitioners, however it’s not advisable for beginners. High-intensity workouts such as these can be effective but you need to have enough strength and endurance to make the most of them.
  • Running: This activity is not something that you should completely rely on if you are planning to shed those extra pounds in a shorter time frame. You can choose to pair your running routine with another high-intensity workout such as strength training for desired weight loss.
  • Yoga: Although a multi-benefit workout, this exercise is not suitable for weight loss as it focuses on one body part at a time. The ideal weight loss workout is the one that works on all parts of your body at once.

Now that you know what’s best for your weight-loss goals, gear into action and get rid of the unnecessary junk. Also, don’t forget to take help from a dependable fitness tracking app that covers all fitness areas including monitoring your BMI/ BMR.

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