Fitness Trends in 2020: What to Expect?

Fitness Trends in 2020: What to Expect?

We have come closer to the end of the year and it is worth noting what the fitness industry has given us in 2019.

With popular trends spanning HIIT, yoga, group exercises and fitness wearables, 2019 has been the year wherein the fitness industry has made its way deeper into our everyday lives.

While the above mentioned have been popular fitness trends of 2019, let’s see what 2020 has for us.

1) Boxing

Some of us limit the idea of boxing to a sport best watched on television. However, boxing has more to offer than just entertainment. Many fitness trainers are using boxing to help enthusiasts keep in shape.

Besides the ability to enhance physical fitness, it also offers health benefits in the form of improved cardiovascular health, decreased stress levels and reduced- calorie count among many others.

Since HIIT has been one of the popular trends of 2019, boxing is no exception here. Additionally, it is popular among practitioners due to its ability to produce results in a shorter time.

2) Wellness in the Office

As mentioned earlier, the fitness industry is rapidly making its way into our everyday lives and spaces. This is evident in corporates, who are customizing their organizational framework to incorporate fitness programs for the benefit of employee health.

The idea behind this is ‘a healthy employee will be more productive at work’.

Their efforts are not limited to arranging wellness programs but extends to providing employees with the required fitness resources and creating a more proactive environment for work.

3) Fitness Wearables and Apps

Fitness tracker gadgets and apps are the buzzwords that will continue to be heard throughout 2020. This top fitness trend is not limited to laymen and fitness enthusiasts but extends to the healthcare industry as well.

The healthcare industry will use such devices/applications to better diagnose/treat illnesses and prescribe medication with more insight.

4) Yoga and other Soul-nurturing Exercises

With building pressure from a fast-changing world and its challenges, many individuals are turning to exercises for mental and psychological well-being. These include yoga, meditation, flotation tanks, and respiratory massages.

This has led to the rise in the number of fitness trainers and setups specializing in such therapy.

Spiritual or soul wellness studios are thriving in the fitness industry in 2019 and will continue to extend their services in 2020 as well.

5) Boutique Studios

Boutique studios are a fitness industry favorite owing to the extensive range of fitness services they offer. And millennials today prefer having the freedom to choose what exercises they want to perform.

With all this said, boutique studios are therefore customizing their services and offerings to suit the needs of a generation that is looking to nurture body and soul through a variety of exercises.

Some of the exercises that are preferred include biking, dance, cryotherapy, HIIT, flotation and meditation among others.

What’s going to be your 2020 fitness trend?

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