Fitness Trends: Why and What Makes Them Popular? – Part II

Fitness Trends: Why and What Makes Them Popular? –  Part II

We’re all inspired to follow fitness practices and try equipment that’s trending in our communities and among friends. If you find yourself also in the same position, it’s important that you hold that thought and consider whether the fitness trend, that is visible with every second person you come across, is worth a go-to.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself if you’re considering adopting a fitness practice or attending a fitness class at a nearby gym.

1) Is the trend doable without any prior knowledge/expert guidance?


While some fitness practices/trends are easy to try on your own at the convenience of your home, they’re not advisable to perform without supervision if you’re a beginner or have not been exercising for some time.

Your best bet would be to visit a gym, where you will not only learn from a qualified instructor but also get some advice from other enthusiasts at the gym or fitness studio.

2) Is the Instructor at the Gym or Online Certified/Qualified?


Well, you’re investing in your fitness and it’s not something to take very lightly. After all, getting trained by a qualified instructor is key to achieving your fitness goals. Hence, it is very important that you choose your fitness coach very carefully.

You can do this by looking up for trainer credentials online, instructor/trainer reviews, ask friends or old trainees enrolled with the particular studio or fitness trainer.

3) Is the Workout Applicable to Your Current Fitness Level?


If you are planning to approach a fitness studio/instructor for workouts and exercise, it is best to confirm what fitness levels are they coaching fitness enthusiasts for. Because, it is quite possible that even if they say that they train individuals for all levels, their classes are mostly designed for a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainer.

Then the trainer has to bring in modifications in the workout to suit the fitness levels of those trainees who don’t fit in and most can’t afford to do this.

To avoid this situation, it is advisable for you to ask the instructor if you can observe the classes, while they train individuals or if you can watch online versions of their classes.

4) Is it Important to Bring Along Your Own Gear?


While most of the times you don’t need to carry anything along when you hit the gym or fitness studio, it is always advisable to ask the trainer/instructor if you should carry any fitness gear to the class.

In most cases they’re not necessary, however, some fitness studios/trainers expect you to carry a bottle of water or a mat for some floor exercises or yoga.

These questions can definitely help you make good fitness choices and adopt a fitness trend based on your personal conviction and your body’s ability to perform some specific workouts.

What fitness trend is keeping your social network abuzz?

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