Fitness Trends: Why and What Makes Them Popular?

Fitness Trends: Why and What Makes Them Popular?

Our lifestyle choices are motivated or inspired by the people around us and no sooner than we realize, we are part of a cult or mass following. This is also visible in the world of fitness.

Many of us today are following up with a buzzword – it could be a special workout, a new fitness studio, special leg-toner shoes, the latest brand of fitness apparel. Why? Because it is a trend! Or rather a fitness trend!

Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about.

So What’s a Fitness Trend?


In simple terms, a fitness trend is a fad or a liking for a fitness-related practice/product (by more than one individual) such as a type of workout (Zumba), a piece of equipment (Foam Roller), a fitness wearable (Fitbit band)  or a style of apparel (Reebok’s Jogger Shoes). These trends can last for more than a decade.

The best example to quote is Jazzercise or more famous these days with Zumba and other variants.

By now most of you will know what we’re talking about, because you are surely constantly wondering -whether to try that fitness trend or not.. buy those shoes or not.. follow what you’re friends are saying.. or maybe cross-check with the internet on facts..

Here are 6 facts you need to know about Fitness Trends:

1) Fitness Trends Backed By Methodical Practicing or Science


A trend will not take off unless it is supported by scientific reasoning (proved by science) or is passed on through individual experience. Here are examples of how fitness trends failed or hit success based on scientific proving.

Some years ago major shoe brands claimed that their shoes would help customers get more toned legs. However, the claim turned out to be false when fitness watchdogs investigated the claim and proved it was not so.

Result? The brands had to pay penalties running in millions of dollars to their customers.

In another good instance of scientific reasoning, minimalist running shoes are still in business because their benefits were scientifically proved. After a book listed its mechanical benefits, the trend took off and did not fade even after years.

Moreover, minimalists shoes are highly beneficial for running and athletic pursuits even today.

2) Fitness Trends That Are Inspired By Mass Following


Most of our fitness choices are mass-driven. However, it is not mandatory for an individual to follow certain workouts or exercise routines,  just because some else or a group of individuals is doing it.

If a friend said that they were reaping fitness benefits off a gym or fitness classes, doesn’t mean you will benefit too. Every individual is different and has their own preferences.

If you like a class or a workout style by a trainer but are not interested in paying for a membership of one month or a year, then you are free to try another fitness studio, look up the internet for some exercises or simply find yourself a dedicated instructor who would specialize in your style of workout or any other option that works within your liking and budget, of course.

3) Fitness Trends Are Not The Same for Everyone


No two same individuals are alike and neither will their suitability to fitness trends be the same.

What might work for a friend, may simply not work for you. Here’s why:

  • You are just overcoming injury
  • You may be an expecting mother
  • You have limited time and money
  • You are just beginning to exercise

If you fall under category 1 and 2, make sure you consult a doctor on what fitness practices work for you based on your body, its condition and requirements.

4) Fitness Trends Come and Go


Like it or not, but fitness trends like all other trends can be popular at one time and fade away at another. The best example to quote here would be Jazzercise which saw its rise in the 1980s and was replaced by Tae Bo in the 90s. But we did see a massive comeback from Jazzercise and this time in the form of Zumba and other variants.

Well, the thing about true trends is that they stay around. Moreover, there is a possibility that these trends branch out into sub trends, which are equally popular as individual trends.

5) Fitness Trends – The Rise of Smaller Fitness Centers


Once upon a time, large-sized gyms and fitness centers with a range of fitness equipment appealed to the fitness masses.

However, economic deterioration in 2008 forced many fitness entrepreneurs to downsize their big fitness centers, marking the entry of smaller, low-cost facilities with select services. Fitness practices such as barre, TRX and yoga became popular during the time.

6) Fitness Trends That Need Extensive Research


With the rise of the internet and the popularity of social media sites, people are extensively doing their homework on every product they buy or every service they invest in. It has become a thumb rule to do so. And the fitness industry is no exception.

Many beginners or newbies to fitness are turning to the internet for information on latest trends, their suitability to the exercise and the credibility of fitness trainers among others.

Yes, it is important that you do your research on a fitness studio or an instructor/trainer, a particular workout’s pros and cons – read reviews, ask friends online, brush up your knowledge on some exercises and their impact on the body.

Some Popular Fitness Trends in 2019


Here are some of the most popular fitness trends that have dominated the fitness industry since the dawn of the 2000s.

  • App-Based Training: With a large network of fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are connected through social media and other platforms, it is easy to get coached on specialized fitness workouts. Tapping on the online advantage, fitness entrepreneurs are reaching out to niche customers with fitness applications and online workout platforms.
  • Barre Workouts: A barre workout is a ballet-inspired fitness routine, which focuses on  balance, coordination and core strength. It includes a range of exercises that facilitate a full range of motions and that enable challenging positions. Some popular examples are The Bar Method and Pure Barre.
  • Bootcamps: The bootcamp includes indoor and outdoor military-inspired group classes that focus on basic exercises including squats and push-ups.
  • Cardio Dance: Any dance-inspired workout which increases heart rate in considered as a cardio dance. This includes Jazzercise and Zumba.
  • CrossFit: The CrossFit workout uses high-intensity, functional exercises and heavy strength-training into their workout sessions.
  • Exercise Recovery: While more and more people are being drawn to high-intensity workouts, it has become all the more essential to indulge in some rest and recovery exercises. This need is giving rise to trends such as foam rolling and getting a good sleep.
  • Functional Training: Functional training uses specialized equipment and environments to improve agility, balance, coordination and speed, while doing traditional strength training exercises. Some popular examples include TRX and sand-fitness training.
  • Fitness Wearables: Technology is making major strides and has left its footprint even in the fitness industry. With support from technology, people are using wearables devices such as fitness bands to track heart rate and steps.
  • Stand Up Paddle boarding: SUP (as it is also called) is a water-based activity done on a slightly larger and more stable surfboard than the usual ones. It became a fitness trend when related classes and programs including races and water-based fitness classes started coming up.
  • Workout Apparel: We all have a pair of Reebok exercise shoes for running or dedicated yoga pants for our routines. Well, now every brand has workout apparel of its own, as it is an important element of fitness.

Now that you know some of the most popular fitness trends and are their different facets, we’re sure you’ll make some informed and sensible fitness choices.

In our next blog, we will provide you with a set of questions, that will help you assess your fitness decisions and make even better fitness choices. Keep visiting for more fitness updates.

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