Stay Warm by Eating These Healthy Fat-Rich Foods

Stay Warm by Eating These Healthy Fat-Rich Foods

Winters are rather tough to stave off. With dipping temperatures, the body fights hard to keep you warm. This up-hill battle makes the body demand more food and this goes against the dietary plans of the fitness freaks who would like to consume less.

This not only messes with the body mechanics but also subjects the individuals to extreme discomfort from the dropping temperatures. This catalyzed weight loss may also lead to gall stones and other health complications.

In this post, we shall look at healthy fatty foods which not only stave off the biting temperatures but also the health problems. At this stage, there maybe people who wonder why this blogpost is encouraging the consumption of fatty foods.

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Healthy fats keep your body chugging and better immunity. They also help the body establish the internal hormonal balance. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the wintery warm foods you ought to have.



Eggs are a rich source for nutrition. Other than vitamin C, eggs pack a lot of other vitamins and healthy fats. An adult can down two eggs regularly and this is indeed a healthy habit as they contain healthy fats and nutrients.

One of the nutrients is choline which is actually food for the brain and most people don’t get it at all. So, don’t think twice when it comes to chowing down eggs. Eat them and become healthy.

Omega-3 Laden Fish

Omega 3 Laden Fish

Fish consumption is good for your health. This is primarily due to the omega-3 content they come with. Omega-3 not only betters your skin health but also fortifies your cardiac wellbeing. This is one of the primary reasons as to why you should include fish in your diet.

However, there are some shortcuts which result in a speedier betterment of the health. Fish such salmon, trout, mackerel, and sardines help you to stay warm and healthy during winters.

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Go nuts with nuts as they are loaded with fiber and healthy fats. They also house the plant-based proteins which are good for the muscles. Consumption of nuts not only lowers obesity risks but also staves off diabetes.



Yoghurt is good for health as it improves the digestion by the promotion of good bacteria in the intestines. With its fatty nature, the consumption of yoghurt keeps you warm and content. However, overconsumption of yoghurt may induce constipation and laziness. Establishing a well-spaced yoghurt routine is essential to regulate health.

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Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are tiny but powerful as they are healthy sources of fats which are mostly omega-3. Not stopping there, they also imbue the body with antioxidants and reduce the joint aches by the existential fiber content. The fatty food is also rich in iron and calcium. While this gives you strong bones, be sure to drink ample water to avoid kidney stones.

Cheesy foods

Cheesy Foods

Cheese contains enough omega-3 to qualify as healthy food (which I am sure makes every pizza lover happy). Apart from the omega-3, cheese also has vitamin K-2 and other nutrients.

Consuming cheese not only gives you energy but generates enough heat to make you chug water down the gullet. But, one ought not overdose on those pizzas slices as we all know having too many slices is unhealthy.

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Change brings on interesting challenges. While summers are all about hydration, winters are all about staying warm without putting on weight. However, this poses a challenge as not many are aware of how many unwanted calories they are putting on.

To ease things out for all, Fitbase has come up with an app which keeps a track of all the calories you have consumed. It also helps you sleep better with a sleep analyzer and allows you get in touch with fitness trainers who help you burn all that cheesy goodness which you loved eating.

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