The Amazing Benefits of Swimming

The Amazing Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a great all-round exercise and provides a workout for the whole body including the arms, back and shoulders. It provides a great cardiovascular workout as well. Any person irrespective of age can start swimming to increase their overall health.

Swimming has many health benefits including:

  • Developing muscle tone
  • Facilitating weight loss
  • Stress reduction
  • Relieving symptoms of asthma
  • Improvement in skin texture

1) Developing Muscle Tone

Developing Muscle Tone

Swimmers gain muscle strength throughout the body. As water is 12 times denser than air, swimming helps in toning your muscles to a greater degree than any other land based cardiovascular exercise.

Swimming provides the same benefits as weight training, but without the wear and tear of the body. It increases metabolism, decreases body fat, builds and maintains lean muscle tissue.

2) Facilitating Weight Loss

Facilitating Weight Loss

Swimming is an extremely beneficial exercise for weight reduction. Swimming helps in burning 800 to 900 calories in just one hour.

3) Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

Swimming enhances your energy levels and can make you feel relaxed. A good swimming session helps people relieve stress and worry.

4) Relieving Symptoms of Asthma

Relieving Symptoms of Asthma

Swimming helps to mitigate asthma symptoms and also improves the overall condition of the lungs.

5) Improvement in Skin Texture

Improvement in Skin Texture

Swimming in sea water helps the skin to retain moisture and detoxify thereby promoting new cell growth. It also provides a smooth and healthy feel to the skin.

To summarize, swimming is a healthy activity with great benefits that anyone can continue for a lifetime. Whether your motive is to lose weight, build muscle or just feel great, swimming is the best option.

It’s the right time to dive into the pool!

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