Tips for Trainers to Create Great Workout Videos

Tips for Trainers to Create Great Workout Videos

Are you a professional fitness trainer looking to create workout videos for your online clientele? With proper planning and adherence to a few tips and guidelines, you can create engaging training videos that will have your audience hooked.

Possible Challenges

Fitness Video

Sustaining the viewer interest throughout the videos is the greatest challenge encountered by instructors while creating them. Learners are likely to get bored easily with the one-way communication channel unless it is backed by extremely engaging content.

Establishing a proper connection with the audience right at the outset and retaining their interest are of paramount importance.

Duration of the videos is another aspect that needs to be considered. Considering the short attention span of the average viewer, videos should not ideally exceed 20-30 minutes.

Getting Started

Proper planning is essential before beginning the process of filming videos. It will not just help in creating a perfect professional video but also saves a lot of time and effort.

Some of the details that need to be sorted out before taking a video include locations, exercises to be demonstrated, light source– whether natural or artificial studio lights, device used to record, software required for editing the footage and more.

Having a Successful Shoot

You can ensure an effective shoot and a high-quality video by following some generic rules, such as:

Workout Video

1) Appropriate Clothing: Clothes with tight patterns such as stripes and dots are likely to cause a distortion on the video and should be avoided. When filming under natural lighting, don’t wear clothes that are too contrasting and are either very dark or very light, as they could lead to a grainy video of low quality.

2) Avoiding Direct Sunlight: Good lighting is critical during the filming of a professional video. While recording outdoors, exposure to direct sunlight and shadows can make the videos inconsistent. It is advisable to have the shoot on overcast days and as close to sunrise and sunset as possible.

3) Proper Audio: Audio recorded from the camera is usually of low quality with possible distortions and must be supplemented by external recording devices and microphones. Shotgun microphones are highly preferred for exercise demonstrations.

4) Proficient Editing: The importance of editing in the creation of quality videos cannot be understated. The editing process often takes up a greater time than even the time spent on filming the video. Using a professional editing software, you can edit the footage as required and finalize the video content.

Now you know everything that’s needed to create a great training video. So, what are you waiting for?

Start creating your favorite training videos and enhance your personal branding online!

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