Tips to Improve Immunity During Coronavirus Lockdown

Tips to Improve Immunity During Coronavirus Lockdown

Within two months of its inception in China, the coronavirus has spread across the world and has induced health crisis in every county.

The rapid growth of coronavirus threat has created health concerns among the people.

With the latest lockdown directives, the fitness enthusiasts have started to explore various ways to stay healthy while they are confined to their homes.

Many health specialists and physicians recommend that improving immunity is the best way to fight the COVID-19.

Balanced diet is one of the ways to strengthen your immune system, but it is just one factor.

Here we bring you some other habits that boost your immune system.



Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to boost your immunity.

Studies show that individuals who engage in regular physical activity has lower incidence of infection compared to others. Being physically active helps you in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cold, flue and other illnesses.

During your stay at home, you can try jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks, burpees, switch jumps, push-ups, pull-ups, squats and other body resistance exercises.

And, you can also engage in the joy of dancing and yoga.

If you are looking for something a bit of more structured, there are plenty of Fitness Tracking Apps to aid you.

Fitness Apps help in promoting health behaviour with personalized workouts, fitness advises, nutrition plans and progress tracking, among others.


If you haven’t tried meditation, now is the right time to give it a try. A consistent meditation routine can help you stay immune to the stressful situations like we are experiencing now.

Studies show that meditating for a minimum of 10 minutes a day can incur you many physical and mental benefits.

Meditating is all about paying your full attention to your breath. Having consistency in the style of meditation, schedules and surroundings will bring great benefits over time.

Stress Management


Prolonged psychological stress can negatively impact the immune system by increasing the body’s susceptibility to illness.

Additionally, stress can lead to alcohol addiction, excessive cigarette smoking, binge eating and sleep deprivation, among others. This, in turn, negatively impacts the immune system.

Maintaining a sense of connection with loved ones and friends is the best stress buster. Utilize this surge in free time to engage with your family members and loved ones.

Sometimes it is ok to feel stressed, anxious and afraid, but look for ways to stay safe and healthy.

You can try reading books, playing indoor games, cooking and drawing, among others.

Adequate Sleep

The best thing you can do during this time of stressful situation is sleeping.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a good, quality sleep of seven to eight hours a night can boost your immune system.

If you couldn’t manage to get enough sleep, try to take two 20-minute naps during the day. This will help decrease stress and impede the negative effects of sleep deprivation on your immune system.

Utilize this free time to improve you sleep hygiene.

In Conclusion

A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein can boost your immune system, which is imperative during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These foods provide essential nutrients and vitamins that nourish and support the functions of your immune system.

However, social distancing, proper handwashing and staying at home plays the main role in protecting you from coronavirus infection.

Stay At Home, Stay Immune!

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