Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms

Top 5 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms

Being a mom is the greatest blessing and the most rewarding job in the world. But we all know how hard it can be sometimes.

Giving birth to a baby changes mother’s life in every aspect, and it also changes their body weight and shape.

It is estimated that women within a healthy weight range gain between 12–16 kg during pregnancy.

However, excess weight gain results into too much fat. Nearly 50% of women gain more than the recommended weight during pregnancy.

Moreover, they continue to gain weight even after giving birth due to the sleepless and stressful life.

Most of the times, mothers are usually focused on taking care of everyone in the family and they forget  to  look after their own health.

They are fully scheduled with household chores on top of doing a full or part-time job.

Life of a mother is hectic and busy!

So, achieving a healthy weight after pregnancy, while taking care of a newborn, can be a challenge. Having young children taxes their free time and makes life a herculean task.

Here, we bring the top tips to help reach your health and weight loss goals as a busy mom!

1) Ensuring Enough Sleep

Quality and quantity of sleep plays a vital role in health. It is recommended to have a good quality sleep for 7-9 hours each night. A good quality sleep regulates your metabolism and helps in losing weight.

A sound sleep boosts energy levels and helps you to have enough energy throughout the day.

2) Exercise at Home

Busy moms don’t have time to hit a gym. It is even more challenging to hit a gym if you are having small children. Exercising at home is a better idea. No matter how busy you are, workouts at home in small increments during a day can promote weight loss.

Even a 20-minute workout session comprising squats, pus-ups, planks and plan jacks will give effective results.

3) Fasting

Fasting is an effective way to lose weight if you’re a busy mom and don’t have time for exercise. Studies prove that fasting is not only beneficial for weight loss but also for living a healthier and longer life.

Intermittent fasting offers host of benefits including reduced body fat, reduced cholesterol, improved glucose control and enhanced endurance.

4) Eating Smaller Meals

Eating smaller meals throughout the day helps you in increasing metabolism. Note that skipping meals won’t help you lose weight. In your busy lifestyle, smaller meal portions are the easiest way to lose weight and control intake of unhealthy food.

Drink water before each meal to control your appetite and lose weight. High-fiber food post dinner will decrease your hunger and promotes weight loss.

5) Reducing Stress

Reducing stress is a major challenge for a busy mom looking for weight loss. Stress has direct impact on health and body weight. Stress is directly connected to overeating and leads to weight gain.

In your busy schedule, just an extra 10-15 minutes can play a prominent role in reducing stress. Taking a small break from daily routine alleviates stress. A small walk, deep breaths and listening to music, among others can reduce your stress.


Even after knowing the weight loss tips, it is far from simple to stick to the fitness routine in your busy life. But it’s imperative to know that you must make time at any cost to lead a healthier life and be a role model to your kids.

If it’s finding tough to balance between family and fitness, take the help of a fitness tracking app that can keep you motivated and focused!

Fitness app helps you in setting exercise goals, tracking progress and monitoring caloric intake. 

Fitness apps are perfect for busy moms as you can use them at home.

Stay Motivated!

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