Unmet Fitness Goals? 6 Reasons Why Exercise Routines Don’t Work

Unmet Fitness Goals? 6 Reasons Why Exercise Routines Don’t Work

All of us are guilty of not staying true to an exercise routine for long, aren’t we?

You may find yourself fully motivated before you start your routine and will want to pursue it until you begin to see results. However, two weeks down the line your motivation is gone and you see yourself making excuses instead of exercising.

So, what puts you off track? We’ll identify the reasons and explain how they work to discourage your exercise routine.

6 Reasons Why You Can’t Maintain an Exercise/Workout Routine

1) Daily Schedule is Too Occupied for Exercise

This is the hard reality of the world we live in today. Our attention is divided between our work life and personal time. Anything beyond is treated as optional as it may affect any of the two aforementioned priorities.

Moreover, most of us are driven by the idea that exercises and workouts are time-consuming and of high-intensity. Not necessarily!

With fast changing landscapes and lifestyles, exercises can still make their way into the heaviest and tightest schedules. Since the word for today’s scenario is speed, exercises are also being designed to become more effective in lesser time.

To face the challenge of a busy schedule, you can perform short exercises that are not very-time consuming and whose intensity is high enough to help you with your long-term fitness goal.

This can include a 20-minute walk, a set of pushups (high-intensity interval training) and some cycling around the driveway among others.

2) Fat-Food Overload Compensated with Exercise

The fact that we were tempted to eat that over-sized pizza over the weekend makes us all the more obligated to perform a heavy-duty workout. But we need to understand that forcing our bodies to get back in shape, will only put us off the motivation to pursue our fitness goals.

Rather, we should be positively motivated to exercise. It should come as naturally as another task we perform in our day-to-day lives. Make exercise a more lovable task.

Use it as a means to accomplish something that you truly love, indulge in activities that will help you fulfill the task at hand and get your body to sweat the extra fat. The more you love what you do, the more you’ll want to pursue it!

3) Routine Taking Long to Produce Results

Technology has shaped us to have high expectations from everything we invest in. We expect that everything we do, should produce instant results.

Hit play on that play button and your video will play without buffering, run a query on Google and within a blink you have your answer. Place a food order and the delivery executive is home in not more than an hour.

However, not everything is as easy as a click of a button. Some effort/initiatives take time to produce results and this is the same with exercise. If you commit to losing weight and create a long-term strategy to do so, don’t expect to see results any soon.

You won’t lose 10 pounds within a week of exercise. It takes certain amount of time, patience and consistency to achieve your fitness goals.

However, you can find ways to motivate yourself through little progress achieved. If your goal is to lose weight, you begin with checking the number of calories you lost after a day of workout on your fitness training app.

Remember, little motivation goes a long way!

4) Exercise is Not Meant for You

Most of us are confident to do the things that we know we are best at. But what about the things we don’t?

Confidence is an important aspect of exercise; it determines how much a person will exercise. If you don’t have the confidence that you will be able to perform a particular exercise, then you will not do it for long.

To gain confidence in yourself, you need to start building it and this is done by starting small. If you think you are better off doing a set of pushups in the morning, then do it and then look to slowly increase the count, little by little.

5) Routine Depends on the Mood/Situation

We are of the idea that if we need to do something, we need to do it to the maxim. Otherwise, it is not worth it. For instance, you made up your mind that you will do a heavy-duty workout over the weekend but some pending work from the week spilled over the weekend.

You then reconsider working out on the weekend and postpone the plan for next week.

And maybe next week another priority will have you compromise with working out.

If you approach exercise with this mindset, you will never be able to start your fitness routines; leave alone achieving fitness goals.

You can simply choose to do smaller exercises – as simple as a walk in a limited time frame, especially when priorities take over the commitment to exercise.

Just keep up to our promise of working out, even if it means ‘little’.

6) Routine is not Balanced

Approaching exercise needs an all round consideration of your schedule, energy level and body. It is important to remember that all these three aspects will determine how long you will stay true to your exercise routine.

In the run to remain fit and keep with current fitness trends, we tend to miss out on at least one the three exercise essentials mentioned above. We should be prepared for unperceived events that can keep us from exercising on a given day – illness, weather, individual responsibilities, household chores and much more.

So it is important to maintain a balance in terms of intensity of workouts, making time for workouts along with other tasks in the day and your body’s suitability to an exercise.

If any of these reasons keep you from fulfilling your fitness goals, you know what you need to do keep your workout routine running.

And for added motivation, install a fitness tracking application on your phone. Stay Healthy!

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