Walking for Weight Loss? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Walking for Weight Loss? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Regular walk is an excellent way to burn excess belly fat and stay fit. However, if not done properly,  walking cannot help you to reach your fitness goals.

A consistent walking routine is great for health. But one has to prevent some common mistakes to make the most of the fitness walk.

If you’re on a walking fitness plan for a quiet period specifically to lose weight but not seeing results, consider whether you might be falling into one of the following common walking mistakes.

Don’t worry!! These mistakes can be easily fixed simply by being aware of them.

1) Same Intensity



If you are walking at the same intensity level, then you may not see the best results.

Walking at a brisk pace is an effective way to burn calories and loss weight. Try to get more intense and push yourself a bit. In case, if you find it difficult to increase the intensity level, try interval walking workout of 1–2 minutes, with a minute of recovery in between. Try walking faster.

2) Same Route



If you are using the same route for your fitness walk, you’re likely to fall into a routine or get bored. If you are walking the same old path the same way, over time your body adapts and it won’t be as challenging, even if you get more intense or walk a lot longer.

Keep changing your walking routine by finding new and interesting routes to take. This could be an indoor environment, a park, or even a beach. If you couldn’t change the walking terrain, try creative ways to walk. Use different walking speeds like leisure walk or brisk walk. These will keep you motivated and helps you to stay mentally active.

3) Skipping a Walk



In the time of hectic lifestyle, there are plenty of changes that you may skip the walk. It is inevitable to skip the routine once or twice. But, procrastinating your routine frequently may lead you to skip walking altogether.

To avoid this, try to make your fitness walk a regular part of your daily routine by properly dedicating a time window for it. Try your best to stick to the schedule.

4) Improper Walking Technique



Improper walking techniques can make you exhausted within a short time, slow your speed and result in muscle strains. Since this can affect the overall efficiency of fitness walk, it’s imperative to improve your walking form.

Keep in mind the following techniques while you walk:

  • Stride: Long steps affect your speed and can hurt your feet and shins. Take shorter steps for effective walk.
  • Swing Your Arm: Swinging your arms while walking will engage your abs, facilitates an upper-body workout and makes your walking simple.
  • Slouching: Manypeople tend to walk with back bent and head titled forward. This may lead to unbalanced posture and strains neck, back and shoulder. Keep your head, neck and spine in a straight alignment.

5) Improper Nutrition



As you increase the intensity and distance of your walks, you may sometimes feel hungrier than normal. It’s ok to have a meal or snack, but it’s imperative to track the calorie intake. Walking for weight loss is all about burning more calories than you eat.


If you are the one leveraging the benefits of walking to lose weight, it’s imperative to track your walking schedules regularly to get effective results.

You can improve your weight loss achievements by properly scheduling your working routines, tracking the calorie intake and burn, counting the steps to set new goals and many more.

However, apart from walking schedule, finding time to keep the note of these many things on a daily basis is far from simple and can be a herculean task.

To elevate you from this herculean task and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals, Health and Fitness Tracking Applications are being deployed at your disposal.

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Just focus on your walk and let the app do the tedious work of tracking your every step. 

Be Motivated and Keep Walking!

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