Want to Know Why You Fall Asleep After a Meal? Here’s Why!

Want to Know Why You Fall Asleep After a Meal? Here’s Why!

Getting done with a meal can be easy but what about the drowsiness that follows?

We’re all guilty of falling asleep after eating a rich and filling meal, especially lunch. But can we afford to sleep, particularly when we are at our work desk? For working individuals, this may affect their productivity.

So what is the science behind feeling sleepy after eating? Let’s take a look:

Drowsiness After Eating

Drowsiness After Eating

People tend to feel drowsy or tired when their stomachs are full. There could be several factors causing these feelings, including:

  • Type of Food
  • Time of Food
  • Quantity of Food

Time of Food: An individual’s biological clock can influence how they feel after eating. Daylight and dusk can play an important role in altering the biological clock but the time you set aside for eating is also crucial here.

Quantity of food: Eating a heavy meal can also induce heavy drowsiness and tiredness. Individuals who eat heavy lunch are more likely to experience a slump in energy levels post lunch. It is also important to avoid alcohol while eating.

Eat Heavy Lunch

Food intake triggers the production of melatonin in the brain, which is responsible for sleepiness after a meal.

Moving on, the digestion process that follows the consumption of food is also responsible for drowsiness.

According to researchers, a person feels tired after eating because of serotonin produced by the human body. Protein-rich foods containing amino acid containing tryptophan causes the body to produce serotonin. Carbohydrates are the agents that help the body absorb tryptophan.

Protein and Carbohydrates-rich food includes:

Protein and Carbohydrates Food

• Cheese
• Eggs
• Fish
• Milk
• Spinach
• Soybeans
• Cakes
• Pasta
• Rice
• White Bread
• Sugar

Serotonin is a chemical that regulates mood and sleep cycles.

How to Prevent Sleepiness or Tiredness?

Following tips can help reduce drowsiness and tiredness after a meal:

  • Eat less and more often. Try eating smaller meals and snacks every few hours to keep up energy levels. You can eat a fruit or a bunch of nuts to keep you full between your full meals
  • Sleep well! A good amount of sleep during the night will keep you from sleeping during lunch
  • Take a walk. If you are feeling sleepy during the day, simply take a walk or perform light exercises. It reduces the tiredness
  • Take a power nap anytime during the day. Doing this charges up your body for more work
  • Soak in some sunlight. Take a walk out of your office space post lunch to get some sunlight, this will remove tiredness
  • Lastly, avoid consuming alcohol along with your meals. Alcohol reduces energy levels.

Are you reading this article post lunch?

Do you feel drowsiness settling in?

Drowsiness and Tiredness After a Meal

Try one of the above tips. Also, don’t forget to keep a check on the calorie count while you eat what’s best for you. Most importantly engage a smart fitness app that will help you note the remarkable difference.

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