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If you are looking to improve your fitness level using a highly-effective and reliable fitness app, your search ends here with Fitbase. This app helps you track your wellness by letting you monitor your food, exercise and sleep. Using this app, you can analyse your calories, challenge yourself and reach your fitness goal. Regular exercise is crucial for everyone as it can help reduce anxiety, stress, feelings of depression and risk of developing diseases.

Fitbase is an ideal fitness app that can enable you address all your fitness needs. It also encourages to collaborate with your friends or even challenge them for goals. Workouts scheduling, setting up reminders, sharing calendars with friends, creating groups and challenges all these activities are possible with Fitbase

Operating Systems
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • Android 4.1 +
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App Features
  •    Set Your Fitness Goals
  •    Log Your Activity
  •    Log Workout & Schedule
  •    Connect to Devices
  •    Know Your BMI and BMR
  •    Connect with Friends
  •    Create and Join Groups
  •    Enroll for Live Workout Sessions


Fitbase Welcome
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