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The Fitbase Trainer app provides you with a wonderful opportunity to create exciting workout sessions which can be either 1-ON-1 session or group session with 2 to 10 trainees.

App Features
  •    You can select your preferred workout activity from 43 training options such as Bikram Yoga, Dailey Method, General Aerobics, etc.
  •    You can create workout session for any of the four training levels - Beginner, Medium, Advanced and Expert
  •    You can create two FREE demo sessions, one for 1-ON-1 session and the other for group session.
  •    You have the option to offer either a single session or to schedule recurring sessions on the dates and time of your choice.
  •    Create your workout sessions for either 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.
  •    Publish your schedule so that all Fitbase trainees will be able to view the session details and can enroll for the same.
  •    Receive prompt payments in your preferred payout mode within 3 days from the date of session completion.
  •    Share your workout session details on popular social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for greater reach.
  •    Create a Brand for Yourself - Create and maintain a professional profile with your business name, logo, certificates and images.

Operating Systems
  • iOS 9.0 +
  • Android 5.0 +
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