Analyze your calories

With the firm belief that wellness is all about food, exercise, sleep and water, fitbase helps you record the calories consumed and burnt by you, with your everyday activities and exercises.

Reach your fitness goal

Fitbase ensures, you keep on track, your fitness goals like never before. Sometimes, in our daily lives, each of us get busy and tend to forget about wellness, but Fitbase does not. It enables you to keep track with regular workout reminders, take up challenges and create own goals in an innovative way. It aids to achieve and sustain the new fitness in you.

Challenge yourself

Sometimes, we question ourselves if we are up to a challenge and if we could achieve it, as we all strictly believe that every human can. If you have the commitment to conquer challenges, then our platform’s features like groups, friends and challenges smoothly support you. It assures “YES YOU CAN.”

Workout reminder

Fitbase reminds you about your fitness schedules such that, you don’t miss the daily calorie intake and burned out figures. If something comes up at that time, no problem, it’s simple and easy, instantly reschedule it.

Awesome Features

Fitbase offers some awesome features to help achieve your wellness goals.


Track your workouts, whether you are doing cardio or weight training or yoga. By tracking workouts, you will be able to know the calories burnt and compare them with your goals.


Fitbase provides a huge selection of foods to pick up and choose from among to match your diet plan for the day. Just select and tap to count your calories.

Connect With Friends

Connect with friends by forming groups and create challenges. If you want to keep your group private, yes, you can with

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