Amp Up Your Weight Loss Program With a Dosage of Essential Oils

Amp Up Your Weight Loss Program With a Dosage of Essential Oils

Have you been told to avoid oily food to control unwanted weight gain? But what about using oils to lose weight?

Strange but true! Many people are benefiting from the usage of essential oils, which greatly aid and enhance your workout routine, diet restrictions or anything related to your commitment of losing weight.

Why Use Essential Oils for Weight loss?

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Essential oils are extracted from plants and are left in their purest form. It is because of this property they are seen as natural alternatives to traditional medications.

Some value-adding benefits of essential oils include:

  • Enhances diet and exercise plan in multiple ways
  • Energizes the workout
  • Curbs food cravings
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Relieves tension
  • Eases aches and body pains
  • Improves digestion

Even though essential oils do not have a direct impact on weight loss, they can improve your weight loss routines including diet, exercise and more to the extent that you get desired results from the process.

Take for example lavender oil, which promotes better sleep and reduces insomnia. But how?

How to Use Essential Oils?

How to Use Essential Oils

You can dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil. Applying an essential oil directly to your skin can cause irritation.

User Tip: Add 12 drops of essential oil to one ounce of the carrier oil of your choice

Firstly, it is important to do a skin patch test before fully applying the full mixture to your body. The skin on your forearm is the ideal place to check this. Wait for 24 hours to look for any signs. If there isn’t any discomfort, the mixture should be safe to use.

Also, it is advisable to discuss with your doctor for any side-effects or finding out any other related details.

Please note: These oils are not meant to be taken orally

What Research has to say?

What Research has to Say

Here are a few research studies conducted on various essential oils and their effects on weight loss.

Essential Oil – Sage

Essential Oil – Sage

Sage has been used since years in Asia for its medicinal properties, which may also help in reducing obesity. According to a 2013 study, sage essential oil protects the body against oxidative stress, which triggers conditions such as diabetes, a weak immune system, obesity and more.

Essential Oil – Juniper

Essential Oil – Juniper

A 2014 study revealed that Juniper essential oil contained chemical compounds such as anti-obesity and antioxidant properties.

Although research doesn’t suggest its direct impact on weight loss, evidence proves that it may support a weight loss plan, which includes a strict diet or weight loss workout routine.

Types of Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Below is a list of essential oils that are definitely made for weight loss:

  • Juniper as mentioned earlier aids in eliminating obesity. It is also an antidiabetic and antioxidant
  • Peppermint, lemongrass and others aid in digestive processes and can impact your intake of calories by 1,800 fewer calories
  • Bergamot is helpful as it contains stress-reducing properties. Stress and its resultant stress-eating can lead to obesity
  • Ginger is also known to have led to some positive changes in weight gain
  • Lavender oils and mandarin essential oils can greatly aid weight loss even without the need for dieting or altering your diet
  • Fennel oil is apt to reduce carbohydrate cravings. It can be used by applying it to your wrists and you’ll automatically witness a drop in their cravings
  • Grapefruit oil can greatly help with fat burning, reduced appetite and ultimately result in lower weight

On an end note, essential oils are an ideal, painless and less-time consuming solution for weight loss. However, they can only support the weight loss program and not solve the problem themselves.

Good exercise with a combination of a healthy diet and the apt usage of essential oils can bring about the desired results. Don’t forget to keep a track on your exercise routine and the number of calories you burn while you use the essential oils. -these powerful essential oils.

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