5 Walking Workout Must-Dos – Bring Out the Best From Your Routine

5 Walking Workout Must-Dos – Bring Out the Best From Your Routine

Walking is one of the most easiest and lightest ways of keeping your body in shape. One good walking routine and you will be surprised to see the results it can bring in almost immediately.

But did you know that walking as any other exercise needs some recovery time as well? Your body needs to recover from the stress of walking to improve fitness and avoid injuries.

Here are some essential steps to consider if you have an been practicing an intense walking workout

1) Bring the Heat Down

Any exercise involves a certain amount of cooling down and so is the case with walking. You cannot finish your routine all at once, whether you’ve taken a long endurance walk or walked in intervals. It is essential to give your body the time to cool down, allowing you to slower your heart rate and get rid of lactic acids, which is the cause of soreness and heaviness in the legs. A 10-minute walk or a few yoga poses can be great ways to bring the exercise heat down.

2) Drink Fluids

Drink Fluids

Fluids are an important part of the post-walking workout routine. It is important to remember that the human body loses out on fluids in an intense workout. In case you don’t rehydrate your body, you will be unable to perform the next walking routine. While water maybe the best option to keep yourself hydrated after walking, it is also good to keep an electrolyte replacement drink in stock.

3) Eat Nutrient Rich Food

Eating nutrient rich food is as important as consuming fluids to keep the ‘muscle tissue-repair process’on and going. Avoid munching on sugary and processed food. Lean meat such as chicken and fish, leafy vegetables and a protein-shake are good options to consider after a walking routine. Training gurus suggest a good dosage of protein after workout to avoid muscle-building after the workout.

4) Perform Stretches

Stretching can be as helpful as a short ‘cool down walking workout’ and doing yoga. It will help to reduce muscle soreness. So it is wise to do a few stretches as soon as you finish your workout, when your muscles are still warm. Overall, it has benefits similar to performing cooling-down exercises.

5) Track Your Routine

And a routine is incomplete without mapping your progress. Are you tired of mentally tracking your per-day walking workout, monitoring progress from the routine or even maintaining a notebook? Then try engaging an interactive fitness app, which will give you clear insight on your progress and keep you committed to your fitness routine.

Have you gone out for a walk yet? Why not hit the road down home?

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