Burning Belly Fat With a Healthy Walking Routine

Burning Belly Fat With a Healthy Walking Routine

Belly fat has become a common concern for us millennials, majorly because of our busy routines with no time for exercise.

As much as we want to avoid having that ugly pouch, most of the times we compromise because we can’t devote part of our precious time to a regular exercise routine.

But what if burning belly fat can be as simple as following a normal walking routine?

Walking is an excellent solution for fat burning! A brisk walk for 45 minutes directs your body to tap into fat reserves and burn stored fat. It precisely works on internal belly fat also known as visceral fat. This type of fat is responsible for a shapeless waistline and also increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Here are two things to keep in mind when walking to burn fat:

1) Walk fast enough to increase your heart rate, creating the best zone for burning fat

2) Walk long enough so that you burn stored fat rather than just burning off body sugars

Identifying the Fat-Burning Zone

Identifying the Fat Burning Zone

When you exercise at an intensity where your heart rate is 60-70 percent of your maximum heart rate, you reach the fat-burning zone wherein 85 percent of the calories burned include fats. The fat burning zone can be achieved with a brisk walking pace and is characterized by heavy breathing, increased exertion and even sweating.

However, the ‘heart rate range’ can vary based on your age. Use a chart to identify the right heart range based on age.

Make a note of your pulse while exercising to check your heart rate. You can use the Fitbase app which easily integrates with your smart devices to monitor your heart rate.

Note: If your heart rate is still below 60 percent of the maximum, then increase the pace of your walking supported by good posture, arm motion and a powerful stride.

Fat-Burning Walking Workout

Fat Burning Walking Workout

For a good fat-burning workout, you will need good athletic shoes that are flat and flexible with proper cushioning and support.

You can choose to use a treadmill or take an outdoor walk for this fat-burning walking routine:

  • Begin with a warm up of walking 5 -10 minutes at easy pace and then naturally increase speed.
  • Increase pace until you enter the fat-burning zone of 60-70 percent of your maximum heart rate. Keep an eye on your heart rate to ensure you are staying in this zone.
  • Continue to walk in the fat-burning zone for 30-40 minutes or excess. If your heart rate drops at this time, pick up your speed. You can choose to jog and get your heart rate up, if walking is not maintaining the required heart pace.
  • End the routine with five-ten minutes easy walking pace for a cool-down.

You can follow a daily fat-burning routine or alternate it with intense workout days. Looking to tone the belly fat? Then get going with a healthy walking routine!

Also read our post on walking benefits for blood sugar control and digestion issues.

Stay Motivated, Stay Fit!

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