9 Health Fitness Benefits That ‘Walking Barefoot’ Can Offer You!

9 Health Fitness Benefits That ‘Walking Barefoot’ Can Offer You!

Those were good old days when we had people moving barefoot.

Hold on! We are not talking about the improvement in lifestyle, it’s the healthy living the topic is all about!

Generations have advanced and today shoes have become quite common for any exercise, be it for a gym, walking, running, etc.

But how advantageous is wearing shoes compared to moving barefoot in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Research studies vote for moving about barefoot! Yes, you heard it right! Studies say that walking barefoot as part of exercise has lot of benefits that go beyond your expectations. Want to know them?

Top 9 Health Benefits That Moving Barefoot can offer you:

Walking Barefoot 9 Health Fitness Benefits

1) Energy Boost: First and foremost, exercise is important to stay fit with good physical and mental energy. Walking barefoot gives you this! When you walk barefoot on a plain earth surface, sand or road and on small rocks, pressure points in the foot and fingers get stimulated, adding new energy internally. Though a little tough task initially, doing so on a regular basis strengthens your legs and body as a whole.

2) Strengthen Nerve System: Exposure to an open environment naturally activates the nervous system, regulating behavior and bringing in some freshness. But walking barefoot on soil directly acts on your mental pressures, gradually controlling your stress and anxiety. Logical perspective behind this is that physical contact of ‘body that usually has a positive charge’ with ‘Earth that has a negative charge’, relaxes neural system boosting physical and emotional abilities.

3) Good Vision:  Given the fact that feet have nerve points, connected to eye nerves, walking barefoot on grass stimulates those nerves and enhances eye sight.

4) Blood Circulation: Walking with shoes mean your feet move only in two-directions. Whereas, being barefoot makes your feet move in all possible directions freely. This eases blood flow, thus strengthening varicose veins, regulating temperature, increasing healing abilities and more.

5) Immunity Power: Walking barefoot stimulates our nervous system, thus strengthening immunity to fight health conditions.

6) Minimizes Inflammation: Any damage to cells results in inflammation that can lead to harmful diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, aging, among other related ones. Walking on barefoot addresses this issue as electrons from the earth act as antioxidants thus controlling inflammation in the body.

7) Decreases Hormonal Imbalance: Walking barefoot reduces the chances of hormonal imbalance that can cause various physical and mental issues. Especially among women, hormonal imbalance can result in problems such as intense stomach ache during menstrual cycles and acne among others.

8) Controlled BP: Stress levels come under control upon walking barefoot, as feet nerves are continuously stimulated during the activity. This naturally controls blood pressure.

9) Reduction in Chronic Pain: Walking barefoot increases the oxygen supply to the body thus, reducing chronic or acute pain in parts of the body.

There are many such advantages that walking barefoot offers over walking with shoes. Try out this fitness technique, if you haven’t tried it till date and stay fit as long as you continue it.

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