Coronavirus Lockdown: Stay Fit During ‘StayAtHome’

Coronavirus Lockdown: Stay Fit During ‘StayAtHome’

In a bid to impede the rapidly growing coronavirus threat, many countries across the world have imposed nationwide lockdown restricting people to their homes.

The official state of lockdown has incited the shutdown of majority of gyms and fitness centres across the world, leaving the fitness freaks in perplexity.

The fitness enthusiasts are wondering how to stay fit if they couldn’t go out for a daily run or walk or workout in the gym.

At this very juncture, we bring you some workout tips to stay fit while you #StayAtHome.

1) No Equipment? Don’t Worry!

No Equipment? Don’t Worry!

It’s obvious that many haven’t manged to gather some fitness gear due to the unprecedented virtual lockdown. This doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise without equipment at home.

Make the most of what ever you have at home. A soft towel as a yoga mat, canned food as dumbbells, and so on.

Body weight exercises are considered to be some of the best workout routines you can do in the comfort of your own home as they do not require any gym equipment or machinery.

You can try dancing, jump rope, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and squats, among others.

2) Fitness Applications

Fitness Wearables and Apps

As the gyms are closed for the public due to COVID-19 outbreak, the fitness enthusiasts are forced to explore other avenues such as online videos or fitness applications.

Fitness applications will cater your thirst to stay fit by recreating the best programs and exercises for you within the confines of your home.

The choice of fitness tracking applications is limitless, whether you are willing to pay for the app or find free options.

Relying on internet for fitness classes during your stay at home will help maintain your fitness regime.

3) Pay Attention

Pay Attention

During this time of confusion and anxiety, it’s imperative to ensure that you pay full attention on your exercise routine during the time you scheduled for fitness. Make the most of this time to boost your immunity as well as to give a break to your mental health.

Do not divert your focus towards any personal activity during your fitness routine. If you simply can’t pay attention during a workout session, rely on yoga or meditation to control your focus.

4) Include Your Pet

Include Your Pet

The coronavirus shutdown has also impacted the life of pets as you are not allowed to take them out for a walk. It will be a great fun to include your pet in your fitness routine and your pet will be amused.

Try hide and seek squats, puppy pop up jacks, or ask your puppy to fetch a toy and do a quick run-on-the spot or a set of squats or lunges.

5) Learn New Habits

Learn New Habits

Now is the good time to break old habits and learn some new ones. Learning a new habit or trying a new form of exercise is the best way to utilize the sudden surge in free time during the lockdown. Leaning new stuff will keep your brain engaged and sharp. This, in turn, will boost your mental health.

If you have never tried strength training, now might be the time to incorporate it in your daily routine to build your body.

Give your house a makeover, try digital housekeeping, do an online course or learn cooking.

Have fun and try something new, but don’t feel the pressure to do so.

In Conclusion
The sudden surge in free time due to coronavirus lockdown can be an overwhelming experience, especially for those used to spend most of their time outside.

However, it’s imperative to know that the lockdown time will pass away even it is for a long period.

So, use the time at hand to stay fit, learn new skills, find forgotten passions and get future ready.

Stay At Home, Stay Fit!

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