10 Fitness Fabrics for the Fitness Enthusiast: Are you wearing the Right Fitness Clothing?

10 Fitness Fabrics for the Fitness Enthusiast: Are you wearing the Right Fitness Clothing?

The type of clothes you wear for a fitness routine is as important as the right nutrition, sleep quantity and the workout itself. Wearing the right fabrics while performing your routine can help you achieving the right results from the workout.

Today in our blog, we’ll discuss the different fabrics that are ideal for workouts and why they’re so widely used in the fitness industry:

1) Cotton

Cotton clothing is any day an ideal option for workouts as they are light and breathable. But this material has its limitations and cannot be worn for an intense workout session, which results in increased sweating. Cotton absorbs sweat and will discourage you from a workout even before your halfway through.

This fabric can be worn to lighter workout sessions such as yoga or similar activities. Fitness clothing experts suggest that when individuals shop for cotton fitness clothing, they should opt for a blend of cotton and another material such as spandex.

2) Spandex

This special fabric also known as Lycra is built to challenge the wear and tear of exercise. With a stretch-capacity of up to 600 percent, this fabric offers the flexibility to perform a range of motions.

Spandex comes with features such as breathability, moisture-wicking and quick evaporation, making it the right choice of fabric for any kind of exercise.

3) Nylon

Nylon with a feel as soft as silk is the next best choice for workouts. Its features including mildew resistance, breathability, stretch and fast drying capability keep you active and motivated throughout the workout. It wicks sweat away from our body and brings it to the surface where it evaporates.

4) Polyester

Polyester is basically plastic cloth which lasts for long. Besides features such as wrinkle resistance, lightweight and non-absorbing, polyester’s ability to repel UV rays and keep you warm even when the fabric is wet makes it a great choice of clothing even for outdoor activity like running.

However, it comes with the disadvantage of promoting bacteria growth and the inability to dry quickly, resulting in awful body odor.

5) Polypropylene

Polypropylene is also made from plastic and is completely water resistant. Fabric experts say that even if you are sweating and your shirt is wet, it is mostly on the outside and not inside. This is because it brings sweat to the surface of the fabric, allowing it to get evaporated similar to what Nylon does

6) Tencel

Tencel, like Bamboo, is made from wood pulp and contains tiny fibrils. This very characteristic helps it keep sweat away from the body and gives it a luxurious texture.

Clothes made from Tencel are usually softer than silk and cooler when compared to Linen. Some other features of Tencel include breathability, biodegradable and wrinkle-resistance.

7) Bamboo

Bamboo is an ideal fitness fabric that is breathable, light and moisture-wicking. Interestingly, it also protects your skin from ultraviolet rays and repels body odor.

8) Gore Tex

This material was built for the tough and that’s why it is the best choice for activities such as biking and running among other outdoor activity. Gore tex is used to make fitness gear including shoes and jackets.

The synthetic fabric braces regular fabric, making them waterproof and windproof, while allowing our skin to breathe.

9) Wool

Wool is another fitness favorite and is the go-to fabric for hikers. The material creates air pockets that obstruct air from passing through the fabric, thus keeping the body warm. Besides, it’s lightweight, wicks moisture and repels odors.

10) X-Static

Ever worn clothing made of silver to a workout? This super fabric has silver metal woven into it, which acts as an antimicrobial preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi. So you don’t have to deal with body odor with X-Static.

So, Have you been wearing the right fitness fabrics? You can always look back at our blog to get help for choosing the right fitness fabrics.

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