Connected Fitness Solutions for Safe and Engaging Workouts

Connected Fitness Solutions for Safe and Engaging Workouts

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way we live, work and workout.

As the world went into lockdown, the in-home workouts have gained huge popularity than ever.

Apart from practicing social distance, people enjoy the freedom to exercise at their own will without time restrictions with in-home workouts.

As people are exercising without the guidance of a trainer or a coach, technology has emerged as the only respite.

Following the suite of many other sectors, the fitness industry has also witnessed a massive digital transformation during the pandemic.

From mobile fitness apps to gaming-based exercises, digital technologies are reshaping the concept of in-home workouts.

According to a recent report on the change in average monthly spending since COVID-19 outbreak, the US consumers have increased their spending on digital fitness by 30-35% from pre-COVID-19.

Likewise, connected fitness equipment are becoming increasingly dominant in the fitness industry.

Connected fitness goes beyond wearable and tracking fitness apps. The connected fitness devices offer even more evolved fitness solutions that make workouts safe and engaging.

Connected fitness equipment and wearable apps offer a host of benefits.

Here are some of the most prominent ones:

1) Effective Workouts with AI

Effective Workouts with AI

Connected fitness devices are equipped with AI solutions that enable real-time interactions and feedback to improve the effectiveness of your workouts. The equipment analyses body movements and track health indicators such as heart rate and body temperature to evaluate your fitness level.

The digital fitness equipment also helps you adjust fitness goals and difficulty level of exercise and motivate you to achieve them.

2) On-demand Workouts

On-demand Workouts

Fitness activities are limited in a gym or a fitness center due to the unavailability of a wide variety of fitness equipment or due to the limited knowledge of the trainer.

Moreover, fitness requirements or preferences vary with participant’s age, gender and fitness goals. So, fitness centers often fail to cater to such needs.

This is where connected fitness equipment comes in!

The connected fitness devices offer on-demand workouts in various formats to suit every member of your family, irrespective of their age, gender and preferences.

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For instance, Mirror is one such in-home fitness equipment that features a smart screen enabled with two-way audio and video interaction facility. It offers a range of online workouts from yoga, cardio, and strength to barre, boxing, and more under the guidance of expert trainers.

3) Engaging Workouts

Engaging Workouts

Connected workout devices rely on advanced software solutions and provide a much more interactive workout experience than the traditional equipment. Smart fitness devices offer an impressive user experience. Moreover, you can compete with other members of an online fitness community.

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4) Safe and Hygiene Workouts

Safe and Hygiene Workouts

The gyms and fitness centers across the world are forced to shut down as they may become the ‘hotspots’ for coronavirus spread. Handling of the equipment by multiple users and the insufficient time to do a thorough cleaning in between classes makes gyms potential source for infection.

However, all these health risks do not emerge in the case of in-home connected fitness equipment.

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In Conclusion
Connected fitness solutions may not entirely replace the fitness centers and gyms in the short run.

However, the trend of connected fitness equipment has the potential to bring remarkable changes to the fitness industry by providing a more connected and effective way to stay healthy and fit in the comfort of home.

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