Detox Diet: 3 Foods One Should Include to Purge the Toxins

Detox Diet: 3 Foods One Should Include to Purge the Toxins

Our body is a temple that one should respect and love. However, there are always occasions where we take our body for granted, and god knows what all. Additionally, one doesn’t always pay attention to what goes down the gullet in this fast-paced world.

For example, when Mitt Romney was campaigning for tenure in the Oval Office, he was compelled to lunch twice as he couldn’t afford the time to eat a complete, healthy lunch in the first place. The second lunch or ‘slunch’ is thankfully a lifestyle habit of highflying people.

However, the dietary habit of downing unhealthy foods is the norm of 21st-century people. And, often, the fitness-conscious people undertake a detox journey. Although the detoxification of the skin and superficial parts happens all the time thanks to our hygienic habits, detoxing the internal organs is an aspect that is overlooked by most. In this blogpost, we will understand what detoxification is and what detoxifying foods one ought to include in the diet.

1) Detoxification Diet

Detoxification Diet

Detoxing is the process of purging toxins or unwanted materials from the body. Although we all eat edible food, there are many unwanted calories and food materials that the body can’t always expel. This storage of deadweight may lead to unwanted health issues. The fitness freaks put themselves on detox diets which encourage the body to expunge the deadweight. This cleansing routine is called detoxification.

2) Foods to Include

Foods to Include

One ought to embrace that good things aren’t always sweet, especially good foods. When you decide to detox, different foods impact you in various ways. However, there are a few foods that one should include not just in the sporadic detox diets but also regularly. So, let’s have a look at what those foods are.

  • Lemon

Lime is an acidic food which when ingested, becomes alkaline. In short, it is a wonder food which helps your body become healthy. Due to its alkaline properties, one loses weight if lime is consumed frequently. From fatty foods to salads, add a dash or douse the food with it the way you want it.

Additionally, lime was found to increase metabolism, which directly translates to better calorie burning. You are burning up the dead weight that has refused to leave your body. So mix it with warm water, honey, or sprinkle it, but add lime to your diet, detox or regular.

  • Garlic

Garlic is a potent detox supplement. It is antibacterial and antiviral, to begin with. It also staves off unwanted infections. The ingestion of garlic promotes the wellbeing of your liver which is one of the vital organs that the body relies on for cleansing.

Additionally, it is known to generate glutathione, an antioxidant that cleans the digestive system. It is ideal that one mash the garlic pods and consume the mashed paste after rolling the mash into a small ball, as raw garlic is good at detoxification. However, having it raw leaves you with a garlic breath. One ought not to forget to use mouthwash afterward.

  • Ginger

Ginger is incredibly good at promoting digestion. This may be one of the reasons why Asians love to apply ginger-garlic marinade to meat. Ingesting this removes indigestion problems and axes away the bloated feeling that one experiences. The increased digestion means reduced retention of undigested food. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties, this food is a must-have in the detox diet.

  • Artichoke

The green edible pinecone comes packing with the highest amount of antioxidants for a veggie. It also has a lot of fiber. The fiber content means that having one of these would leave the individual with a feeling of fullness.

This feeling axes unhealthy snacking and, indirectly, weight loss. Also, the fiber is powerful enough to clean the plumbing of the digestive system. The deadweight removal is likely to leave the individual with a positive feeling as the digestive system is no longer clogged.

  • Water

Water is not food. However, it is good at hydrating and removing toxins from the body. In short, water is the body’s garbage disposal truck. This is one of the primary supplements that the body relies on to move stuff around internally. The water excretion, other than sweat, is laced with bilirubin, a yellow product resulting from the destruction of old blood cells.

Drinking inadequate water results in the accumulation of this undesired product and health issues. One also has to remember that too much water results in loss of salts. Dizziness and, in worst cases, blackouts will follow if one drinks too much water. It is important not to drink more than 3 to 5 liters of water in a day.

3) In a Nutshell

In a Nutshell

Keeping the body ticking like a Swiss Watch is a herculean challenge in the 21st century. However, minor but finer changes to the diet go a long way in keeping the body clean. Adequate water with the above food supplements will wick away the unwanted toxins lurking in your body.

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